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Invincible Venom[edit]

When venom is in his dying pose, quickly fling his symbiote zip line to a nearby platform to bring him back to life.


Enter the codes at the Controller Setup screen in the Options menu to obtain the following:

  • All characters unlocked: Generic Right.pngGeneric Down.pngGeneric Right.pngGeneric Down.pngGeneric Left.pngGeneric Up.pngGeneric Left.pngGeneric Right.png
  • All comic covers unlocked: Generic Left.pngGeneric Left.pngGeneric Right.pngGeneric Left.pngGeneric Up.pngGeneric Left.pngGeneric Left.pngGeneric Down.png
  • All concept art unlocked: Generic Down.pngGeneric Down.pngGeneric Down.pngGeneric Up.pngGeneric Down.pngGeneric Up.pngGeneric Left.pngGeneric Left.png
  • All landmarks unlocked: Generic Up.pngGeneric Right.pngGeneric Down.pngGeneric Left.pngGeneric Down.pngGeneric Up.pngGeneric Right.pngGeneric Left.png