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Ultimate Spider-Man ch11 intro.png

The chapter will start off with a cutscene from the Beetle's point of view, and will eventually switch to Spider-Man's point of view. Spider-Man decides to go after the man in the mysterious suit, only to find out that he's actually hostile. Your task will be to chase Beetle, save civilians, and put a stop to him. Start off by chasing him. Like in Pursuit, you can't get too far, or you'll lose Beetle and have to start over. Soon enough, Beetle will come to a tunnel. He throws bombs at it, causing destruction of cars and a couple of fires, then escapes. Save two civilians (one in each lane) and bring them to the nearby ambulance. Then make your way through the tunnel to continue the chase.

Chase after Beetle and save the civilians!

Get far enough and Beetle will cause more havoc. He'll zoom through the windows in a skyscraper, leaving one civilian trapped in the burning building, and then escape. Go into the building through the windows Beetle broke, lift the civilian, then go through the other side of the building and bring them to safety at the ambulance down below at the nearby street. Continue the chase and Beetle will start hurling things at you. Dodge them and continue to follow him through an alleyway, where he'll put up a wall to slow you down. Swing over it and the chase will continue back on the streets, where Beetle will put up two more walls. Swing over the two and keep following the arrow through another alleyway and then over the park. At this point, Beetle will begin to shoot lasers at you. Dodge the attacks and continue to chase after him until he throws a bomb, causing severe wreckage. Save three civilians by opening their car doors, then go after Beetle again. After a cutscene, continue chasing after him to end up on top of a skyscraper, bringing you to the next chapter, Skyscraper Battle.