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Wrestling Spider-Man Complete 30 City Events and Collect 30 Tokens
Parker Hoodie Complete 32 Combat Tours Complete 75 City Events and collect 75 Tokens
Peter Parker Complete 50 City Events Collect 50 Tokens and Win 4 Johnny Storm races
Arachnoman Collect 90 Tokens Complet 36 Combat Tours and Complete 90 City Events
Black Suited Spider-Man Collect all tokens Complete 36 Combat Tours and Complete 100 City Events and earn Medals in 60 races.


World Council Arena 30% Game Completion
Subway Arena 75% Game Completion
Play as Carnage 80% Game Completion
Queensboro Bridge 85% Game Completion
Trask Labs 90% Game Completion
Trask Roof Top 100% Game Completion
Play as Black Suit Spiderman 100% Completion