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After a hard chapter where you were constantly running for you life trying take out a tank, you get to do this short chapter that consists mainly of blowing up trucks with an overpowered weapon. You were able to retrieve Tenzin's daughter, but Lazarevic still has Schäfer, and you'll need to catch up with the lead vehicle to save him.

Destroy the convoy[edit]

Hanging from the side of the truck, stealth grab the guy inside to flip him over. After that, hop into the truck, get some cover and start shooting the guys in the vehicle to the right of the one you're in. When you start shooting them, their truck pulls ahead of yours, so switch your position so you can fire forward. Whether you've killed them or not, jump to their truck from the front of the one you're on, because they're easier to kill while hanging there, and because, if you already killed them, your truck catches on fire and you need to move to theirs. Take cover once you're inside and take out the guys on the flatbed on the left. Wait here until they blow up the side of your truck, then jump to the flatbed when it swerves over. Turn to the right and take out the guys in the jeep, then jump to the right when the next truck comes over. You can't hide on this one, so jump to the one in front as soon as possible while shooting more guys in jeeps. This one takes a high ledge on the left, so when it catches fire, you'll have to jump to the truck below it on the right. The benefit is that when you get down there, you can take out the guy in the back, then man the automatic grenade launcher there.

Keep blasting the jeeps and trucks behind and to the sides of you while driving down the mountain road. If you haven't gotten it yet, it's fairly easy to get the Triple Dyno-Might trophy for blowing three guys up with one grenade here. Elena's in the orange truck, but all the green ones are fair game. After you've blown up a bunch of their jeeps and saved Elena from being driven off the road a couple times, your gun gets blown off and you'll need to jump off the left side back to Elena's truck. An RPG gunner will make you drive off a cliff, but you'll be all right and very close to Lazarevic's mountain fortress.