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This is likely the longest train ever conceived, and certainly the longest one to ever feature in a video game. Car after car you need to keep moving up to the front of the train, killing bad guys and finding treasures the whole way. You never do reach the front of the train – or even see it – but the part you do see is still extremely long. Along with some interesting shootouts, you'll also be climbing all over the rail cars and dodging train signals.

Begin the long trek[edit | edit source]

Head forward along the side rail and jump into the cabin through the first open window. Go back to the rear of the rail car to pick up the 043Miniature Bronze Stupa before going forward and jumping to the next car. Jump onto the yellow rail and take it around to the right. When you get to spots where you can't continue, jump up to a handhold above, then over to the next one and back down to the rail. At the end, go up two more cars and climb the ladder to the top of the second one. Hang off of one side and stealth grab the guard when he walks around, or just shoot him. If you're patient, you can wait until the guard on the flat car beyond walks away from you, then jump down and hide behind some cover there and wait for a stealth grab. If you start fighting, he'll get support from a couple guards in the passenger car behind him.

If you're still stealthing at this point, just jump across to the passenger car when both guards aren't in the aisle and take cover. You can get the first one with good timing, but after that just shoot the last guy, because when you venture farther down the cabin, a guard jumps in from the window and attacks you. Beating him down with melee attacks is the simplest solution, especially if you've gotten rid of the other guys so no one's shooting at you while you do it. At the end of the rail car, the door's locked, so jump out one of the windows where the last enemy came in. Go to the rear of the car and up a ladder back there, so you can pick up the 044Yama and Buffalo Statue. To stealth the guy on the next car, go up along the right side of the train so he doesn't spot you, then jump over and sneak around behind him between the crates with the blue tarps over them. After that, you'll be in the same boat as the last passenger train, where you have to wait for the guys inside to be clear of the aisle before proceeding. If you're shooting enemies, just use the available cover and keep moving up the rail cars.

Train signals[edit | edit source]

Inside this second passenger train, the guard in black has no trouble being alerted, whether you're in cover or not. Take him out from cover, then take out the guy that comes swinging in from the roof. In the rail car beyond there's a machine gun emplacement, so it becomes very dangerous to proceed farther down the aisles. There are a couple ways to proceed. You can hop out of the train through a window and move forward to get behind the machine gun, or you can go from cover to cover inside the train cars until you're close enough to use a grenade. Either way, the next car is full of coal, and from here on you'll have to start watching out for big metal rail signals across the tops and sides of the train. If you're caught in front of one, it's instant death and a restart from the last checkpoint. You can hear them dinging as they come, so be sure to get out of harm's way before they get to you.

The signals start out on top of the train, and only the left side is safe to hang over. Hang from the back edge of the coal car and pop up right after a signal passes. Run down to the end and jump for the next car. Hang onto the edge there and let a bad guy get wiped out by the next signal. You can do it again to get the other guy as well. You'll want to head over the side of the train and go into this rail car though, because the 045Newari Bronze Figures are in the back by some blue barrels. There's no landing on the front of this car, so you'll have to jump from above to the next one, which is a flat car with a tank on it. After the tank, you'll need to go around another yellow pipe, but this time there are low signals on the right. It's the same procedure as before, but this time, you'll need to get down the rail and up to the next handhold before the signals gets to you. Jump to the other handhold and drop back down to the rail right after the last signal passes. They come in pairs, so don't drop down until after the second one.

The helicopter is back[edit | edit source]

At the end, jump to the next car and climb the ladder. They're actively looking for you now, so just jump up to the roof and take cover behind the conveniently placed wall. Take out the three guys and continue on. When you jump to the next car, the roof will cave in and you'll now have a helicopter to contend with as well. Don't worry about fighting it – you'll get the means to destroy it farther along. Climb the crates at the front of the box car and jump to the next flat bed, then run straight to the next one and take cover as soon as you jump over. You won't get a whole lot of time there, but it should be enough to pick off the guys that jump down from the train in front of you. When they're dead, continue on to the next train, but don't climb up on top of it right away, as the upper signals are back. Shimmying along the left side of the train will keep you safe from both the signals and the chopper. If you choose to, you can also pop up on top after a signal passes, run to the other end and jump over and grab the other side just before the next one with Circle button. Either way, jump to the next flat bed and continue on.

Run to the end of this one, and take cover so you can take out the enemies dropping down from the helicopter. You'll need to do this quickly, as the chopper will blow the car you're on when it can. Hop to the next car and get cover immediately so you're protected from the front and right side. As soon as you get on this train car, the door to the next one will open up and you'll be assaulted by four more guys. Two jump over to your car and two remain behind. You'll need to work fast on higher difficulties, because the helicopter has a tendency to blow the car you're on if you take too long. Even if you didn't take out the last guy in the next car, jump over there anyway and melee him if you have to. Take cover and rest up for a minute if you have to, then pick up the RPG-7 and hit the helicopter with it to drive him off. This buys you some time to get to the other end of the car and turn the wheel by tapping Triangle button. As soon as you get the door open, jump for the next flat bed just before the helicopter destroys the car behind you and you're saved for now by a long tunnel.