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You're on a mission with the Tibetan guide, Tenzin, to find Schäfer's lost unit somewhere deep in the snowy mountains of Tibet. There is some heavy platforming on the way to discover the secrets left behind by the decades dead soldiers, as well as a terrifying secret living in these Himalayan climes.

Into the mountains[edit]

Start off by following Tenzin into the mountains and down a series of ledges to a large gap you can't jump. Tenzin will dig up a grappling hook, so jump across to the rope then swing jump to the far ledge. On the other side, go down the ladder and head in the opposite direction of your guide, back towards the camera. At the edge here, you'll get the 054Tibetan Ritual Blade. Pick it up and follow Tenzin through two gaps in the walls of ice and up a ledge to find a little encampment in a small depression. Climb down to find some rope for you buddy, then head back up the ledges to where you came into this area. When you get up there, Tenzin will throw the grappling hook again for you to swing across. Jump out to the rope, but change direction and swing over to the ledge to your right where the 055Clay Deity Head treasure is. When you get it, swing across after Tenzin and follow him again.

This time it's a wall rope on the left, so jump out to it and then swing jump to the far ledge, or use the wall run to pick up momentum if you don't get it right off the bat. Keep following Tenzin, jumping from ledge to ledge until you come to another dead body in the snow. The ledge you were on breaks, and it will be up to you find a way beyond by yourself. Take the path around in a circle, either left or right, and press Triangle button below the ladder to get a boost up from Tenzin. From the narrow ledge you find yourself on, jump to the stones on the wall to your right and climb across to the left. Keep moving over and dropping down to lower ledges, and eventually you'll find a place where you can stand again. Climb up the ledges there to the ropes attached to the wall, but go beyond them and drop down to another ledge for the 056Bronze Chenrezig Statue before climbing up the ropes.

Out in the open[edit]

At the top of the rope, jump to the next platform, then over to a small ledge on the cliff face in front of you on the right. Climb around to the left, then drop down to another ledge. From here you'll want to turn around and jump out to yet another ledge, then walk to the other side of it and press Triangle button to have Tenzin jump over to you and set up another grappling hook. After he does, jump to the rope and swing across after him. Climb up the ledge on the side and continue on after your guide farther into the mountains. After climbing up some ice walls, you'll find a slaughtered pack of wolves. You'll be in front now, so jump from platform to platform to the far side of the cavern, then across to some climbable ledges in the far wall to find yourself in a large outdoor area.

Go down the ledges on the right, then head through the path on the left to an icy stream. After the rocks fall behind you, blocking your way back, follow the stream to the end and go around the corner to the right to find the 057Skull Cap Drum. Go back to the beginning of the river and climb up to the ledge there. Go back in the direction you came from along the ledge, jumping over to another ledge and hanging over and shimmying to the one after that. From there you can climb up the rocks on the cliff wall and jump to the ledge above and to the left of you. Climb up there and jump to the next ledge, then back across the river to the last ledge before a drop with a ladder on the other side. Before you go down into the hole, pick up the 058Silver Needle Case treasure on the left. When you're down there, pick up the P08 - 9 and shoot out the icicles hanging in the exit.

The wild beast[edit]

No sooner than you clear your way out, Tenzin gets attacked by a wild mountain creature. This thing is extremely tough and you'll need to shoot it as much as you can while running backwards to stay out of its grasp. Eventually it will catch you, where, on higher difficulty levels, you'll need to perform some timed button presses by following the on-screen indicators. Eventually it will hold you up by the neck and you can shoot it point-blank in the face until it drops you. Do this a couple times and at one point Tenzin will recover enough to stab it with his knife to drive it off. If you haven't damaged the beast enough with your gun, he'll just kill you when he picks you up on higher difficulties. When it's gone, head back into the cave where you shot out the icicles, and give Tenzin a boost up to the ladder, then follow after him.

After a long jump, Tenzin will stop by a body and another weapon. Keep going around the path to the right, where you'll find a little cave with a platform you can jump over to, to retrieve the 059Bronze Stupa Ornament. Go back out to your buddy and look up at the ice wall behind him. At the top is a rope hanging down with a crate on one end of it. Shoot the crate down to release the rope, on which you can wall run to the far ledge. From there, jump up and climb the small handholds on the far side up to a ladder. That takes you up to another couple ledges leading to some broken steps, from which you can jump to more climbable handholds on the cliff face. Climb around to the left and drop down onto some more stairs leading up to a final gap jump into a crevasse in the mountain.