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After nothing but puzzle-solving, this chapter throws you right back into the action with a long, treacherous egress from below the temple. You'll be pinned down the whole time until you can clear sections and move forward, so make sure you use the right weaponry, meaning the FAL if you're not playing on easy difficulties. Otherwise the shotgun is fine for running and gunning if you're not worried too much about damage.

Escape the temple[edit | edit source]

Climb back up the way you came down, and you'll find guards beginning to swarm the chamber. There are four guards, two on each side of the statue in the floor, and it's possible to stealth them all with a little running around to get behind them. As soon as you get up, run far to the right and take cover behind a low wall, close to the outside of the sunken part of the floor. One of the guards posts by it, and you can stealth attack him over it. From there, hop up onto the raised portion of the floor and take out his buddy on that side. Head up the stairs at the end of the room and take out the guys with laser scopes. After that, continue back down the other side and nab the last two guards with their backs to you if Chloe hasn't already dispatched them. If at any time you're spotted, it becomes a normal fight, or, if you don't want to waste the time, you can just start off with guns blazing.

When you're done, more guys start coming in and you will be harassed the entire time on your way back out. You can grab a Dragon Sniper from one of the guys at the top of the stairs, which will help you take out the enemies beyond the fence where the trap floor is. After that, you'll want to trade up for something more reliable in close quarters (preferably the FAL), because you'll be heading back through all the halls you came through. Head down the hall and go down the stairs to left back into the trap room, and there will be a guy waiting to ambush you around the first corner. Down the hall more guys will be coming up from the trap room and the hallway beyond. The FAL's scope, or the Dragon Sniper if you kept it, come in handy here for when the guys across the way poke their heads out from cover. When they're down, go through the room and out the other side.

Go around the hall and up the next flight of stairs, where you'll likely get a grenade thrown at you. When you move through the hole in the wall, turn right and take out the guy there before sliding to cover behind a fallen pillar in the middle of the hallway. From cover, take out the guys down the hall with zoomed in FAL shots and grenades. Be aware that one of the armored shotgun enemies is with them, so take him out first. Head down the hall and drop down into the next room. Head to the right, take out the two guys coming down toward you, then the bad guy with the riot shield. Grab up his shield and start slowly working your way down the next hallway taking guys out with your handgun. At the end of the hallway, turn to the right and head up the steps, being careful to move away from any grenades coming your way. At the top of the steps, be ready for a guy to come charging around the corner, then go in the direction he came from, down another long hallway. That was the last of them, so you can drop your shield and head up the narrow stairway back to the temple.

Help your friends[edit | edit source]

As soon as you get up the steps you'll be attacked again, so grab some cover nearby and take them as they come. After you down those couple guys, move toward the entrance, away from the statue and you'll be attacked by another one of those tough guys in black armor. When you get outside, you'll see your friends are pinned down in one corner of the courtyard. Take cover behind the pillar to the left of Chloe. Hopefully you stuck with the FAL, because there are snipers in the alcoves in the far wall and plenty of bad guys in the courtyard you'll want to take out from a distance. There's also another sniper up on the right side, as you come out of the temple. It's a pretty short fight if you can get mostly headshots. When it's over, go check out the others to find that Jeff's been shot up.