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Now that you're in Lazarevic's compound, you'll need to retrieve find Schäfer, get the dagger and locate the secret entrance to Shambhala. This is easier said than done, with the numerous troops around the area. It will be a combination of fighting enemies, crossing buildings and rooftops, and using stealth kills to your advantage. Toward the end you'll even have a puzzle that requires the use of your journal.

The first building[edit]

The chapter begins with an ambush. Grab cover behind the wooden railing right in front of you and start taking out guys, beginning with the laser scopes. The guys come from both sides and are reinforced by more enemies coming from above. After you clear the first wave, there will be a brief respite, then an RPG gunner will come down, so take him out. There's another guy with a missile launcher above and to the right of you, so head away from him along the available cover, until you turn the corner at the end of the room and can take him out. Head around to the stairs, and another wave will start. Take out the guy coming down the stairs, then face the opposite direction across the building and get cover to start taking out the bad guys over there. When you've taken out the last of them, two more guys come from the wall across from where you entered. Take them out, then head upstairs and kill another guy across the building. Head around the inside of the building along the wooden walkway and enter the room at the end.

Go through the room and out in the hallway, then go into aim mode and walk toward the next room ready to take out the guard that pops out from the left. Keep going around until you come back out into the main part of the building, then head up the stairs where you'll find Schäfer. After the cut scene, you and Elena will split up, with you going to the tower after the dagger and her looking for the secret entrance to Shambhala. Head down the walkway in the direction you start out, and cross the beam at the end to another platform. Jump across to another walkway, then cross another beam and jump to still another platform. From here you can jump out to the rope dangling in the middle of the room. Swinging in the direction you jumped, pick up the 081Tibetan Ritual Vase, then start swinging to the right where you can jump to the boards on the pillar there next to another platform. Head across the beam at the other end of that platform and go out the hole in the wall where you can jump to the next roof over.

To the tree[edit]

When you land up there, some guards will coming running out, but just stay crouched where you are and wait for them to start walking around. The guy close to you stops facing the other direction and the far one patrols around in the circle, stopping for a bit while facing the other way also. When the far guard isn't looking, run around the concrete rubble and stealth the guard closest to you, then get cover behind a wall and go for the next guy as his patrol dictates. Head into the building, then climb out the window on the other side of the room. Go down and to the left to drop down to a wooden landing. Go partway down the stairs, then hang off the side of them. Shimmy down the next landing, then around and down the next set of steps to the cliff below the guard. Climb up and ascend the ladder where you can stealth grab the guard. Alternatively, you could just shoot him, but this isn't stealthy and if you're unlucky one of his buddies will come down to support him. On the wall beside the guy at the top of the ladder, jump to the white stones in the wall and take them up then back around across the landing you were just on and around the side of the building. Here you can swing around to another platform, then jump across to the roof below you. Head around the side of the building to witness a firefight between some of Lazarevic's men and an unseen enemy.

Drop down to the roof below, then to the ledge below that and take some cover down on the ground or up on a little stone ledge right above the ground level to watch some of the snow beasts bounding away over the far rooftops. After this the remaining guards start skulking around, so it's time to go stealth them. If you don't use stealth on these four soldiers, you'll start a huge firefight with M32 - Hammer users and a lot of tough enemies. Follow the closest guy along the side of the steps with the tree at the top and take him out before he reaches the other side. Head around to the back of the steps in the direction he was going, and push the guard back there off the rear cliff. Keep going around the other side back in the direction you started from and wait for the guard over there to turn his back to you. Run up to his crate, grab some cover behind it and stealth grab him over it. The last guy walks back and forth down the middle of the courtyard, so go after him while his back's turned and stealth him as well. At the top of the steps across from the tree, turn back around and go along the walkway on the right. At the end, jump diagonally across to another pathway where you'll find the 082Tibetan Conch Horn in the back corner. Grab it and head back up the steps, but this time continue on in that direction around the corner where you can open another door.

Get to the tower[edit]

This next area is going to be very tough if you don't get into good position right from the get go. Drop down the first ledge and hop the low wall, then go down some steps and climb up the ladder on the right. Cross the small landing and jump up to the next one, where you'll catch a glimpse of the two armored chaingunners down in the courtyard. They don't look up, so as long as you don't try to shoot them, you can continue unnoticed. From where you are, jump to the red stones in the middle of the wall on your right, then jump over to the platform on your left. Go down the steps off the side of this platform and stealth attack the RPG gunner over there. Grab his RPG and send all three rounds into one of the chaingunners. Note that pretty much as soon as you do, you'll meet retaliation from both the gatling gun users and their reinforcements. When you're depleted, go back up the steps and drop down the hole in the platform to find a couple more RPG - 7s. If you're not able to kill the armored guys with missiles alone, finish them off with your other weapon (hopefully the Desert - 5). After that, grab the weapon you dropped when you picked up the RPG - 7, and take your time picking off the soldiers in the courtyard below, after taking out the guy with the laser scope directly across from you and the RPG gunner down at the bottom. When they're all taken care of, including the armored shotgunner that comes down the steps behind you, go down to the bottom and take out the sniper up in the window in the building at the end of the courtyard.

You need to get back up to where you went originally, meaning up the ladder where you came in and over to that far platform. This time, at the edge before jumping to the red bricks in the wall, look up above you and shoot down the treasure there. Pick up the 083Bronze Oil Lamp, then go to the red bricks and back over to the far platform. Go down the stairs off to the side again, and climb up into the window at the end and go inside. As soon as you enter, look to the center of the ceiling and shoot down the next treasure. Turn to your right and jump down to the broken wood next to a piece of wall below you. From there head over and claim the 084Ancient Sword Guard while Elena asks you about the snow beasts. Continue through the building and up the stairs at the other side. Jump the gap at the top and head outside.

At the other side of the roof, climb the white stones in the wall up to a ledge. Climb right along the ledge and watch the soldiers run around below you. Keep going around and pull yourself up onto a ledge at the other side. Hop down to the ledge below and look under the walkway above to see a treasure glint on the left. Shoot it down to retrieve the 085Tibetan Coral Earring, before going back up to the ledge above and continuing on. Jump to the red poles sticking out and take them all the way to the end, where you can climb over to the open window in the wall. Climb up into the window and jump across to the pathway across from you. Go around and climb up the dressers in the other corner to the top of the structure. Take the beam back to the roof that's not underneath a ledge, and drop down over the side. Shimmy over to the statue there and pick up the 086Tibetan Square Ghau, then climb back up and jump to the ledge across the gap in front of you. Up on the ledge, climb the white stones on the wall up and to the right and enter the tower.

Find the secret entrance[edit]

After meeting back up with Chloe and getting the dagger from her, you'll be left in a room to solve a puzzle. On four sides of the room are four murals of different animals with a floor switch in front of them. On one side of the room are four objects of different shapes. To solve the puzzle, use Drake's journal to match each object to an element, and that element to an animal. The object goes on the switch in front of the animal that shares the same element. When you first open your journal, flip forward a few pages until you see the green half circle, red triangle, white circle and yellow square. The name of the corresponding element will be written next to each one. On the pages that follow, you'll see pictures of the animals. Their colors match the color of the shapes, and their elements will be in the description. Pick up the following objects and take them to the corresponding switches.

  • Half circle → Air/Green → Tiger
  • Triangle → Fire/Red → Griffin
  • Circle → Water/White → Dragon
  • Square → Earth/Yellow → Lion

When you place an object correctly, the switch will depress, otherwise it won't. When they're all on the correct switches, a cylinder with symbols on it will appear below each animal. If you go back to the journal page with the shapes, you'll see some colored symbols at the top. Each symbol corresponds to the shape of the same color, so you'll need to turn the cylinders under each animal to show the symbol that goes with that color. Below are the number of turns and the direction for each animal.

  • Tiger: Left lstick × 2
  • Griffin: Left lstick × 2
  • Dragon: Right lstick × 1
  • Lion: Right lstick × 2

After moving the last cylinder into place, a pedestal in the middle of the room will raise up, so go over there and stick your dagger into it to reveal the location of the next clue. This creates a ladder on the side of the room, which goes up to a newly opened doorway at the top. Climb up and step outside to see where you're going next. Head over to your right, under the zip line, and take it down below.

Shootout amid the statues[edit]

When you drop off the zip line, jump the gap directly in front of you, then go up the stairs and jump another gap. Turn around here and look up at the ceiling. Shoot down the treasure you'll see above you, then jump back down across the missing steps to pick up the 087Carved Bone Ornament. Head back up the stairs afterward, and start climbing the boards on the wall on the right of the doorway leading outside. Climb left and then go up the white stones to the top. You'll jump down to some cover at one end of a courtyard where the enemy troops are pulling down statues. Wait for the guards to take up their positions, then stealth grab the one that's sitting on the crates you're hiding behind. Head around the pillar on the left and take cover behind the crates in front of you. As soon as you do this, the guard who was standing with his back to you will turn around and walk toward you. Take him out with a stealth move when he gets to the side of your crates.

Across the open space, you should see a ladder going straight up to the top of a stone platform. Run over and climb the ladder, then stealth grab the RPG gunner up there when he comes over. Drop back down the ladder and go left around the wooden platforms with the statue in the center until you come to some crates you have to jump over. Wait for the guard to walk away, leaving just one guy in front of a crate, then hop over and get cover behind the next crate. When both guards in the courtyard in front of you have their backs turned, stealth grab the guy where you're at. From here it becomes a firefight, as they have too many eyes on the courtyard and there's no way to get up to the top level where things might be easier. If you look up to the top level across the courtyard, you'll see a machine gun turret at the edge of a wooden platform, with a barely noticeable guard a few paces behind it. When the roving soldier down on the ground level has his back to you, aim at the guy above (easiest with the Desert - 5), and take him out first so you don't have to fight against a turret. This begins the firefight, and there are a lot of guys to engage. Elena will also back you up from atop the building on the other side of the area.

From where you sniped the machine gunner, drop back to the previous area you were in, as guys start coming down right on top of you from the wooden structures. Grab some cover behind the crates over there so you can face back to the main area and take out the guys that come for you. When they stop coming, peek out while aiming and take out the laser scoped enemy at the top of the platforms. Get cover behind the crates leading back into the other courtyard and start working on the armored shotgunners. When they note your position, climb up to the wooden section with the statue and shoot them from there, which should surprise them. As soon as the courtyard and any guys up on the higher levels are cleared, run straight across and grab the M32 - Hammer leaning against a low stone wall. You could get up into the turret, but it's not very effective on harder difficulties where the enemies have good cover and you're constantly bombarded with grenades. The next wave comes from the far side of the area where you were running to if you got the Hammer, so just take them out normally with the grenade launcher. You'll know you got them all when Elena comes down and stands in front of the big metal disc in the middle of the area. Look up at the big statue over on this side of the courtyard and shoot down the treasure glint you see on the front of it. Go over to it and climb up the back of the statue and hop over the top to get the 088Tibetan Hair Ornament. Head over to the circle in front of Elena and stick your dagger in it to reveal a wheel. Hold Triangle button to grab a handle and turn the wheel counter-clockwise with Up dpad. This releases a flow of water that powers the ancient mechanisms of the Monastery, and opens up a secret entrance below the tree on top of the steps that you passed before. Go over to Elena and ride the zip line back down to the compound.

Head to the secret entrance[edit]

You'll find yourself in an enclosed courtyard where snow beasts are just finishing devouring some of Lazarevic's men. Jump to the platform on the left with the ladder going down the side of it, and descend to the bottom level. As soon as you get down there, more soldiers assault you, including a guy with a riot shield. As always, make sure you take him out first and grab his shield. Next you'll want to incapacitate the guard with the laser scope, then the rest. Head up the stairs with the riot shield, and some more soldiers will come from above, to the right of where the first wave attacked. Start engaging the guys that rappel down from the wall above, and make sure you get the armored shotgunner, who can kill you very easily if he gets to melee distance when you're using the shield. When they're all taken out, go back down the steps to the bottom, and go all the way to the back corner below the walkway where the soldiers rappelled down. Behind the red pillar back there, you'll find the 089Tibetan Mala Beads. Go back up the steps, and over to the blue wall where the enemies came down, and go up the ropes they used.

At the top, you'll be in the same area as the entrance below the tree. Go down the stairs of the passageway you opened, and enter the room beyond the big door with Elena's help.