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Arriving back at the village after exploring the mountains, you'll find it's been turned into a warzone as Lazarevic's men invade. Schäfer's nowhere to be found and Tenzin needs to find his daughter as well. You'll need to move through the village and take out the bad guys to help the small Tibetan community and find your friends.

Clear the first courtyard[edit | edit source]

Head out of the house and get cover behind the porch railing right outside. The first order of business is to take out the sniper on the roof across from you, then work on killing the guys down the main avenue of the village. There will be a couple waves, after which you can start making your way through the village. Go over and take cover behind the low walls at the top of the hill to take out the next wave of guys, including a rifleman on the roof and one of the black armored shotgunners. When you've got them all, go down the hill along the main road. Around the next corner you'll see a villager struggling with a bad guy and another rifleman on top of the roof way behind him. Take those guys out and keep moving.

In the next courtyard are a bunch of guys and a machine gun turret. You'll want to get control of the machine gun to make things easier. Climb up the wall on the left and head to the gun emplacement up on the same level. When you get to the rooftop where it is, find cover before charging in, and take out the guys up there. When you're ready, lob a grenade over to the gunner to blast him out, or, if you don't have one, jump the successive cover along the left side of the roof to get to him. Once you're behind the gun, take out the guys down in the courtyard that are harassing the villagers, then swirl all the way around to face the direction you were originally heading and take those guys out as well. Be sure you've killed them all, except for a guy beyond the gate down at the road, who you can't reach, before leaving the turret and heading farther into the village. This is a good place to hold up for a while and let them come to you. When you're ready to leave, jump up to the top of the building across the courtyard from you that's full of hay. There you'll find the 066Amber Skull Bead.

Get to Schäfer's place[edit | edit source]

After going through the gate and heading over to the building across from it where some guys are shooting at you, an RPG gunner will bring down the building and some convenient cover. You'll want to take him out first and you'll see him at the top of the building at the end of the road. Take out the other guys here with priority given to the sniper at the top of the hill on the right, then follow Tenzin when he starts running up the steps. He'll go through an archway where a guy will throw a grenade out of the room on the left, so fall back until it explodes, then move forward while aiming so you're in good position to take him out when he leaves the room. Keep heading up the steps to a dead end where Tenzin will open the wooden doors for you. Be aiming while he does so you can take out the guy in the next room. Head in, fall back when the grenade comes down, then climb up the ladder. There's an enemy up there, so before you get to the top of the ladder, aim and shoot the guard before he sees you. You can get him between the boards to the side of you if he's in the right position.

Head up yet another ladder to the roof of the building where you'll find a villager under attack on the roof next door. First, get cover right where you are and take out the guy in the small courtyard below. Next, jump over to the other roof and help out the villager there, then hang out there for a bit as more guys start coming up the ladder. There are a couple M32 - Hammer gunners on the right and left sides of the area, so they are your first priority. If the guy on the right comes up the ladder, you should grab his hammer to take out the other guys. It's a very defensible position up there if you take your time, so just move from cover to cover often and use grenades if you have any. When you're ready to start heading down, go in the opposite direction, away from the bottom of the hill. Down in the small courtyard where you took out the first guy, you should see a statue in the middle. Behind the statue you will find the 067Antique Ghau. From here, you'll want to head downhill all the way to the right where the M32 - Hammer gunner was in front of the platform with blue board roof. Inside, you'll find the 068Bell Thogchag. When you jump down to the bottom level, three more attackers show up, one of them being a riot shield user. From the last treasure, if you jump down to the bottom right side, it's a good place to get cover behind the stones walls and take them out. When they're all down, Tenzin will run over to his house open up the doors for you. Head in and up the ladder to the top floor to find Schäfer and Tenzin's daughter.