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In this nice, relaxing chapter, you just need to stroll about and look for a familiar face. You find yourself in a village, and all you have to do is follow the Tibetan roughneck to the end of the village. Along the way you can pick up a few treasures, interact with some people and pet the local livestock.

Walk through the village[edit]

Start out by heading around to the right of the building across from the one you came out of. All the way around on the other side, you'll find the 051Ram's Head Thogchag. Be sure to pet the yak on your way to or from this area, by standing near it and pressing Triangle button or Square button. Follow your buddy into the next area and then through a wooden gate he'll open for you. Go straight down the path until you can go right up some steps after the first buildings. Pet the yak up there, then hop up onto the patio next to it in the direction you were originally heading through the village. Hop over the low wall on the far side, then pick up the 052Bronze Buddha Statue in front of the red doors in the grassy area beyond.

Go back to the main path through the village, and pet another yak by the kids playing soccer before continuing after your guide. At the top of the steps at the end of the path, pet the final yak to your left to get the Beast Mode trophy. The guy you're following will climb up some steps to the porch of a large house, but you'll want to go check out the shade under the large tree to the left to find the 053Singing Bowl. With everything done in the village, you're free to explore, and when you want to move on, just go join the man on the porch of the house.