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30 years old, ex-Pirate

Once known as a member of the notorious pirate team "Sea Wolf," she retired when she married Pablo, a school teacher. Though fierce at times, Laura has a romantic side as well.


28 years old, inventor

A genius inventor known for his love of ale and women. However, his ice-cold attitude changes when he sets his eyes on a photograph of a mysterious woman.


32 years old, former Outland Knight

The eldest son of Lord Burgundy, he leaves home to travel around the world and gather knowledge for the good of mankind. A bit too serious at times, he suffers from a cursed gauntlet on his arm.


10 years old, genius Witch in training

The youngest child of a wizard's family. Vibrant and hard-working, she already controls three familiars. Has a tendency to overwork. She always says "Just leave everything to me!"


Unknown age, Male Chapa

His village plagued by drought, Armic has been chosen to find the items needed for a rain-making ritual. He's probably the most easygoing out of all the Chapas... and that's saying something.


19 years old, Novice Carrier

Became a carrier after the death of his brother five years ago. He searches for his brother's murderer, which eventually leads him to the first dragon, Draco Archaeos.


17 years old, Fake Fortune teller

An easy-going, energetic sister of a famous fortune teller. After getting caught up in her sister's dilemma, she meets a mysterious man named Iskandar. Whether or not she's in trouble, she always manages to squeeze by, saying "Everything will be all right!"