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Laura[edit | edit source]

30 years old, ex-Pirate

Once known as a member of the notorious pirate team "Sea Wolf," she retired when she married Pablo, a school teacher. Though fierce at times, Laura has a romantic side as well.

Mythe[edit | edit source]

28 years old, inventor

A genius inventor known for his love of ale and women. However, his ice-cold attitude changes when he sets his eyes on a photograph of a mysterious woman.

Kurt[edit | edit source]

32 years old, former Outland Knight

The eldest son of Lord Burgundy, he leaves home to travel around the world and gather knowledge for the good of mankind. A bit too serious at times, he suffers from a cursed gauntlet on his arm.

Judy[edit | edit source]

10 years old, genius Witch in training

The youngest child of a wizard's family. Vibrant and hard-working, she already controls three familiars. Has a tendency to overwork. She always says "Just leave everything to me!"

Armic[edit | edit source]

Unknown age, Male Chapa

His village plagued by drought, Armic has been chosen to find the items needed for a rain-making ritual. He's probably the most easygoing out of all the Chapas... and that's saying something.

Ventus[edit | edit source]

19 years old, Novice Carrier

Became a carrier after the death of his brother five years ago. He searches for his brother's murderer, which eventually leads him to the first dragon, Draco Archaeos.

Ruby[edit | edit source]

17 years old, Fake Fortune teller

An easy-going, energetic sister of a famous fortune teller. After getting caught up in her sister's dilemma, she meets a mysterious man named Iskandar. Whether or not she's in trouble, she always manages to squeeze by, saying "Everything will be all right!"