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Field Menu[edit]

Control Action
Cross button
  • Execute
  • Stop Reel (Attack)
  • Go to selected town (on map)
  • Select item
Circle button
  • View Status
  • Stop Reel (Hold)
  • Zoom In (on map)
  • Sort
Triangle button
  • Cancel
  • Zoom Out (on map)
Square button
  • View current location
  • View skill in Adventure Inn
  • Switch target
Neutral dpad
  • Move cursor
Neutral lstick or Neutral rstick
  • Move character on Adventure screen
L1 button
  • Rotate party member left
R1 button
  • Rotate party member right
L2 button
  • Make menu transparent
R2 button
  • Hide map guide
L3 button or R3 button
  • Stand by