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Assault is an objective based game, where you need to complete a series of objectives as quickly as possible. These objectives are as simple as destroying or touching an objective, and as such, they must be defended.


With a team of 4, complete the objectives in 6 minutes.
  • Destroy the compressor in the bottom of the boat.
  • Hijack the warship and press the red button to destroy the harbor doors.

Attack phase[edit]

The AI players are located on the surface of the ship, and will defend the entrances. You can either attack from the surface, or by the underwater entrance. The underwater path is slightly safer, but is a longer path; and your entire team going in that direction can make human enemies suspicious. The surface is faster, but is usually well covered, and also has a machinegun turret.

Once a player goes through the front door, the AI defenders will bunch up at the hydraulic compressor. Expect heavy resistance in a single room. The compressor is a box just below the piping system.

Alternatively, you can use the Ripper to hit the compressor through the four holes on deck. Just make sure you know where you're aiming or it won't work.

Once it is destroyed, the bridge can be entered. Pickup the flak cannon on route and run to the bridge. You only need to touch the button to win.

Defense phase[edit]

The attackers come in one of two directions; either the surface or the water. The best practice is to listen for combat - if you hear machinegun fire, try covering the surface entrance. Otherwise, intercept the enemies as they infiltrate the bottom.

Once the attackers enter the ship, your allies will head towards the compressor room. The best defense point for you is on the opposite side, so that you attack the enemies from behind.

High Speed[edit]

With a team of 4, complete the objectives in 7 minutes.
  • Make your way to the front of the car.
  • On the upper floor of Car one, flip a switch to open the Control Cabin below.
  • Enter the control room and override the train's controls.

Attack phase[edit]

You need to go through several cars.

  • An empty flatbed.
  • A car with three silos.
  • A car with construction beams.
  • A car carrying chemicals.
  • Car 3, a blue spawn point.
  • Car 2, obstructed by crates, requiring passage through the second floor.
  • Car 1, the objective.

The jump boots at the beginning, provide two advantages

  • Short-circuiting Cars 3 and 2, and gives direct access to the upper floor of car 1. (Two turrets try to interfere.)
  • Or, gives access to the Big Keg-O-Health and shield belt.

As always, press the attack, and order your bots to attack.

Defense phase[edit]

Since the AI players don't use jump boots on this map, simply prevent them from entering Car 3. Otherwise, you will have to head to car 1.


With a team of 4, complete the objectives in 4 minutes
  • Exit the castle and make a hard right to flip the switch.
  • Enter the library to destroy two chains on a winch.
  • Return to the courtyard and open the front doors.
  • Escape the castle through the front doors.

Attack phase[edit]

From your start, you have two teleporters to the side. The left gives you the flak cannon, and the right gives you a sniper rifle. Take position in the sniper rifle area and order your teammates to attack. If successful, you should have the library open and ready.

On the library, you get a more direct route to attack. However, this might not be the best option, and you may consider a flanking attack.

Once the chains are destroyed, quickly get the front gate open. Once it is open, dash to the exit before the enemies can get there.

Defense phase[edit]

The ripper and biorifle are your available weapons. While human players can snipe at you and even try to launch directly to the exit, the AI players normally make a beeline to the switch. You can repel them simply by placing slime onto the ground by the primary fire.


With a team of 4, complete the objectives in 10 minutes
  • Destroy the two counterweights outside the west entrance of the fort.
  • Open the main gate
  • Open the doors to the ractor room
  • Destroy the reactor.

Attack phase[edit]

Don't expect much assistance from your friends; either they get mopped up easily, or they turn around and follow you, with no special interest in the objective.

Against AI players, the first part is the greatest choke point. The enemy will cover the chains and prevent you from getting close. Your best weapon would be the sniper rifle, as it gives you the chance of one-hit kills as well as being highly accurate. Even though it is slower, taking the water route is better as you have better coverage to attack enemies.

As the chains take damage, they will begin to flash. When they are down, the doors will open.

Proceed into the fortress, and open the front gate to give better access to the fort. You may take a few hits, but use dodge to help minimize time spent in the main room.

Once the gates are open, open the reactor on the second floor. Once this happens, you should be able to shred the crystal, as the AI is not good at defending it.

While you may be tempted to take the right-hand water exit, don't. It's a dead end.

Defense phase[edit]

It is imperative that you prevent the counterweights from being destroyed, as well as keeping the front entrance closed. As such, your best option is to collect the flak cannon, and try shelling the corner and collecting their weapons.

Human players are known to make a rocket jump into the fortress directly, but this won't happen against the AI players.

Since the AI's always follow a specific route, it is possible to stand on the battlements and use the flak cannon just as they enter the tunnel. This injures (if it doesn't kill) the AI, allowing your teammates to more easily kill the opponents.

Ocean Floor[edit]

With a team of 4, destroy four terminals in 6 minutes.
  1. In the corner of the base near the small docking bay
  2. In the central area, on the side of the small docking bay
  3. In the central area, on the side of the large docking bay
  4. In the large docking bay

Attack phase[edit]

Order your teammates to attack, and watch which terminal they head for. When they do, choose a different terminal to attack.

You can kill terminals with rebounding shots, feel free to use the ripper when doing back-and-forth combat.

Defense phase[edit]

Defend terminal 1, located in the corner. You have easy access to the flak cannon and shock rifle, and can see enemies that are swimming to the small docking bay, which is more than enough to suppress AI attackers without problem. As with all AI players, they follow a waypoint system, and can be defeated simply by aiming at the right position.

If terminal 1 falls, defend terminal 4, on the opposite side of the base.


With a team of 5, infiltrate the base and destroy the cannon in 10 minutes.

Attack phase[edit]

There are three crucial stages in this map.

  1. The beachhead, which is defended heavily through sniper towers and fox holes, shelled by an automated mortar. Head up the right-side of the beach, and head directly to the center. If you have trouble with enemies, snipe them from the ocean to let your teammates through.
  2. The boiler room. Once a team member reaches the tunnel, the entire AI team will head to defend the boiler room, making the beachhead much easier. However, the boiler room is extremely hard to penetrate as the enemies has rocket launchers or other splash weaponry.
  3. The gun chamber. After passing through the boiler room, your spawn position advances and you gain access to better weaponry. The flak cannon can be used to shell enemy defenders within the cavern indirectly.

Defense phase[edit]

Before the enemy passes through the boiler room, your best defense location is from the gun cavern at the cannon. Locate the eniper rifle on the upper platform near the entrance, and wait just underneath the cannon. From that position, you can kill enemies that begin the approach up the beach without fear of retaliation.

If one enemy reaches the tunnel, don't worry, as the other AI players will cover the boiler room for you. Keep the current position, and sniper at enemies trying to advance to significantly slow their progress.

Your only worry from this point would be the shockwave from the cannon pushing you around every 18-20 seconds. At the right position, this is a minimal problem.