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Capture the Flag involves charging into the enemy base, grabbing their flag and returning to your base. To score, you not only have to grab the flag, but you also need to ensure that your flag doesn't get taken.

In the campaign, this gametype is known for deadlocks, especially on the later missions on a high difficulty.


2 players per team.

Locations Red base Blue base
Flag Room Ripper Minigun
Flag Corridor Shock Rifle Shock Rifle
Under Ramp Armor Shin pads
Beyond ramp Bio Rifle Rocket Launcher
Underwater Flak Cannon

A Flak cannon is found underwater, and it's closer to the red base.

The flag room is not a good location for long term defense; there are no health kits, and approaching enemies can wear you down. As such, you'll have to enter the central area to get the armor and health, as well as a few more powerful weapons.

If the enemy gets your flag, you can ambush the enemy, either from their access ramp, or from the door above your base. Most likely, they've been weakened by any skirmish they needed to reach the flag room.

Your best route to the enemy flag involves collecting both the armor under your ramp, and the thigh pads under the blue base's access ramp. This allows you to take more damage after doing a flag run, possibly enough to allow you to return to your base. The route back is debatable, but you generally want to return home as quickly as possible.

The translocator is useful in going to surprise defence locations, as well as grabbing the rocket launcher before the enemy.

Facing Worlds[edit]

4 Players per team.

Location Item
Behind base, left Sniper
Behind base, right Ripper
Floor, right Shock rifle
Floor, left Rocket
Upper entrance Damage Amp
Floor 1 Redeemer
Floor 2 Sniper
Roof Armor + Sniper

In the campaign, there's no reason not to milk kills from either the roof or upper floors. Doing so gives your allies easy access in and out of the base; however, you do need to watch for the enemy AI trying the same thing. This trick isn't as effective against humans, who may try anti-sniper tactics when you spawn-kill in this fashion.

There's not much reason to have a bot follow you around. If one does, order it to attack.

When defending, you may want to collect the damage amplifier from the entrance before heading to one of the defense points. The amplifier allows you to perform one-hit kills on the enemies, even if you don't hit their head. While it doesn't last too long, every advantage you need can help.

When attacking, you can be sure to enter the blue base from time to time. It may be better to steal their redeemer, and use it on the entrance almost as soon as you take their flag. However, the AI players can hold their own in claiming the flag.

Eternal Cave[edit]

4 players per team.

On this map, you need to attack. There are two attack routes available: The left exit from your base is the upper path, with the Minigun and Ripper, and provides visible access to the shield belt. The right exit leads to a bit of a winding hall with rocket launchers.

The enemy is known to attack in groups of 2 or 3, and as such, expect to be going one against all three.

Note that the blue base has a better opportunity of defense - you need to cross an open area from the blue base. Meanwhile, the red flag is accessible by a a translocater shortcut.


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