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1 Opponent

Frag limit: 10

Shock rifle on the bridge, flak cannon on the aft section, and rocket launcher on the lower deck.

This is an easy match: there is one opponent. He doesn't have much of a preference between the three weapons, but understands how to use them, even by firing them at the wall beside you.

As always, try to get hold of the rocket launcher first - if you can trick Blake into following you, it can inflict the most damage with least worry.


2 Opponents
Calameth, Kryss

Frag limit: 10

A three room arena:

  • The first room contains an armor on a crate (requiring a hammer jump), and a flak cannon behind a crate in the corner.
  • The second room, overlooking the car, has a pulse gun in plain sight, a rocket launcher on a few crates next to the pulse gun (requiring a hammer jump), and a Big Keg O' Health inside a crate (which must be shot to open). The AI near the crate will usually shoot it right away.
  • Between these two rooms is a shock rifle.
  • The third room is more of an open space, that contains a few health packs and thigh pads.

The two weapons for "suppressing fire" are close by - usually you can grab the flak cannon and shock rifle in one pass, allowing you to either steal kills from an on-going battle between the two opponents, or when they are otherwise distracted.


1 Opponent

Frag limit: 15

Rocket launchers and health at the top, and Shock rifles at the bottom. A shield belt is in the central floor, although you can shoot the yellow buttons surrounding the pit to open a trapdoor. The trapdoor drops into an instant-kill trap (which is dodgeable only through luck).

The AI opponent falls to an easy trick, even on Godlike difficulty. If she sees you head up the lift, she will try to follow. You can take advantage of this by firing a powerful attack into the upper portion of the lift such as spread rockets or a combo attack.


4 Opponents
Slain, Annaka, Cali, Lexington

Frag limit: 15

  • GES Bio rifle on the upper floor in the corner. Can be reached just by jumping.
  • Shock rifle in the lower water tunnel.
  • Pulse gun on the upper floor, near the lift near the stairwell
  • Ripper near the metallic walls, across from the lower water tunnels.
  • Minigun up the ramp from the pulse gun.
  • Flak cannon in the upper water tunnel.
  • Rocket launcher on the upper floor, near the lift and bridge.
  • Sniper rifle in the alcove near the damage amplifier
  • Shield belt near the ripper: shoot the metal wall between the ripper and it's ammo.
  • Damage amplifier near the flak cannon. Requires hammer jumping.
  • Invisibility an the alcove above the minigun area. Requires hammer jumping.

Your best chance is to claim the damage amplifier in order to get a few kills with the nearby flak cannon.


3 Opponents
Kragoth, Visse, Arkoth 24

Frag limit: 20

  • Bio rifle above the lava-pit lift
  • Shock Rifle located across from the body armor
  • Pulse Gun in an alcove on the second floor near the stairs
  • Ripper located front of the upper floor exit of lava lift.
  • Minigun near the water.
  • Flak Cannon in the corner
  • Sniper rifle in the same room as the ripper, overlooking a corridor.
  • Body armor located at top of stairs.
  • Shield belt located on the bridge in the lava room.


4 Opponents
Archon, Nikki, Raven, Bart

Frag limit: 20

  • Rocket launcher, shield belt and damage amp in pressure chamber. If you see an enemy in there, shoot or push the button on the side to get credit for a kill. (Bots will also use their taunt when doing this.)
  • Shock rifle in the far corner, located in the opposite part of the map compared to the pressure chamber.
  • Pulse gun in second floor in vent linking pressure chamber to middle corridor.
  • Rocket launcher in second floor in main corridor, near the vent.
  • Body armor in far corridor, on a crate.
  • Ripper in upper far corridor.
  • Big Keg O' Health between water tanks.
  • Minigun in pressure chamber area on second floor near the linking vent.


3 Opponents
Hijinxs, Xoleras, Cadaver

Frag limit: 20

  • Bio Rifle is in the upper area.
  • Shock rifle is at the top of the lift, on the platform.
  • The pulse rifle is front of the lift.
  • The ripper is in the room with crates.
  • The minigun is on the second floor, above the rocket launcher.
  • The flak cannon is in the corner tunnel.
  • The rocket launcher is in the lava room, on the grating.
  • Damage amplifier is located near the biorifle, to the right. It can be reached by an impact hammer jump from below or from the nearby corridor.


4 Opponents
Vanessa, Rath, Jayce, Fuego

Frag limit: 25

  • Bio rifle is in the middle deck near the bow.
  • Minigun is in the front lower deck.
  • Shock rifle is on the fore deck
  • The pulse gun is in the aft lower deck.
  • Ripper is in the deck below living quarters; this is close to the stern.
  • Rocket launcher is on the stern navigation deck.
  • The redeemer is on the central mast. Shoot the torch on the mast to lower the lift, and rife it to the top.
  • Invisibility is on the bow.
  • Damage amplifier is in the central cargo hold, as is armor and a shield belt. Note that these items require using jump boots, or by dropping from middle deck.