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Domination requires you to take control of various control points, where you gain 1 point for each point you hold for five seconds. Unlike the other campaigns, this may be the easiest since it is more prone to chance rather than skill.

You can play this campaign after winning three Deathmatch tiers.


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3 players per team, score to 100.


4 players per team, score to 100.

Expect a lot of activity at the Bottom and Center points - they are close together, and a change in one will signal a change in the second.

The top point is near the Bio Rifle ad flak cannon, which can be used to seal off the lift from the center. While not as effective against a side attack (used more often by humans), but AI players normally take the lift from the central area.)

The lower point has a pair of jump boots. You can use these to jump to the above beams, and ambush other players trying to reach the control point.


4 players per team, score to 100.

The best place to control this map is to wait between the Iron Star and Daemon head. That control point only has two entrances covered from a single position. There are no spawn points that lead directly to this point, and if necessary, you can cover the Gargoyle or Iron Star. The AI players tend to take the ground path to this point, and as such, are more vulnerable to a player attacking from above.

Against human players, however, the Iron star is a signal that enemies are approaching.


4 players per team, score to 125

The top point has three routes of access: The side, from below (via translocator), and from behind. The area below leads to the flak cannon, Big Keg O' Health. Left leads to armor and sniper rifle, and behind to a minigun and shock rifle.

The Lava point has three easily visible routes of attack, but is home to the shield belt (in the beams above the point). The right path leads to the top point, with a bio-rifle and flak cannon en-route. The front entrance leads to a pulse rifle, and the left leads to the Nook.

The Nook point has nearby armor, ripper, and rocket launcher (in the corner opposite the nook.) There is also at least two points where you can hide, and make a surprise attack on the opponents which just taken the nook.


4 players per team, score to 125

The bridge control point is difficult to defend, since one major approach path is not exposed until the enemies are point blank. However, it provides easy acess to both the ramp control point (by going through the nearby tunnel), or the lift (by going in the opposite direction of the tunnel).

This section is a stub. Help us expand it, and you get a cookie.

This section is a stub. Help us expand it, and you get a cookie.