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Weapon Description Primary Fire Secondary Fire
Impact hammer A piston-powered melee weapon. Sneak up behind your opponents for a one-hit frag. Hold to charge the impact hammer - it will automatically fire when it contacts an enemy. You can also use it to jump to high ledges. Deflects incoming projectiles.
Chainsaw In Multiplayer or Practice, if the Chainsaw Melee modifier is set, the Impact Hammer is replaced by a rusty, blood-covered chainsaw. The disadvantage to the Chainsaw is that it's noisy, and enemies hear you coming. Hold and drive the chainsaw into the enemy to injure them. The revved blade is swung, and can cause instant decapitation.
Enforcer The starter ranged weapon. Instant reload, and can be dual-wielded. Does 10 damage. High-accuracy, but slow rate of fire. Low accuracy, higher rate of fire.
GES bio-rifle Fires lumps of sludge at enemies. Shoots a single glob. Hold down to charge, release to fire a large bio-blob, which splits when it hits a wall.
ASMD Shock Rifle Fires a high-speed laser bolt at your opponents. Fires a beam at an enemy - instant hit (despite what you see). Fires a shock core; faster firing rate and damage, but slow projectile. You can hit the shock core to unleash a combo attack.
Pulse gun Fires blobs of scorching plasma at an enemy. If Volatile ammo is on, when this hits an ammo box, it will explode. Fires pulse bolts - efficient ammo usage. Fires a pulse beam - shorter range but more damage.
Ripper Named after Jack the Ripper due to its use of razor blades. Fires razor blades that ricochet around the room for a short amount of time. They can inflict extra damage on head shots. Slower moving razor blades that explode on impact.
Minigun The original. Rapid rate of fire and decent accuracy Increased firing rate but reduced acurracy.
Flak Cannon The favourite of most players, the FC fires molten metal in a wide arc, and is very painful if it hits you. Molten metal sprays in a wide arc. Fires a flak shell, which fragments on impact.
Rocket launcher Launches rockets. Fires 1-6 rockets in a spread pattern (hold down fire for more). Throws 1-6 rockets, which act as timed grenades.
Sniper With a scope and the ability to make headshots, this is the weapon of choice for campers. Fires a bullet. Zooms - hold mouse button to increase zoom.
Redeemer Fires a mini-nuclear missile. However, this projectile can be shot down with a single well-placed shot. Fires the missile straight forward. Fires a manually guided missile.
Translocator Used mostly in CTF matches, the Translocator is a teleportation device. Launches the teleporter beacon. If possible, teleports you to the beacon, killing any player on top of it. If the beacon is damaged, you will get killed.