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Albatross is two-section 1-on-1 map.

The main section centers around a bridge, and river. The bottom portion gives ground-level access to the other sections, as well as a corridor leading to a super shield. Off to the side is a second section that more easily gives access to different weapons.

Most weapons are available on this map:

  • Bio rifle is located in the side section, on the ramp.
  • Shock rifle is located in the side section, before the lift.
  • Pulse rifle is located near the bridge, next to the crate.
  • Minigun is located behind the bridge.
  • Flak cannon (shown below) is accessible from the side section, by following the ramp to the top.
  • Rocket launcher is located on the lower tunnel between the two sections.
  • The lightning gun overlooks the side section, and can be reached by climbing the path near the pulse rifle.