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Bombing Run games are quite simple, and fun. This gametype is a bit like a game of sport, since you have to pick up a "ball" in the center of the map and run with it to the "goal", right at the heart of the enemy base. You get 3 points for firing the ball through the goal (the only weapon you can use whilst holding the ball is the Ball Launcher) and 7 for actually walking through the goal holding it. The first team to the preset score wins (or the team with the most points when time runs out). Be aware that after a goal is scored (either a three-pointer or seven-pointer) all players automatically teleport back to their own base.

When they have the ball, pressing primary fire with secondary fire held down allows a team member to "pass" the ball to another team mate. Primary fire otherwise just shoots the ball straight forward. The ball is quite bouncy as well, so take that into account. Killing the ball carrier results in a "fumble" allowing any player to pick up the ball.

How to win[edit]

  • Know how to use the Ball Launcher. Aiming and using this weapon properly is important. Make sure you can judge how far the ball will go and that you can get a critical last-second pass to a team-mate before you die.
  • If you're having particular trouble, drop the ball on purpose. This almost always fools bots since they are programmed to home in on the ball. It probably won't do the same with human players. This may buy you a few seconds with which to kill a particularly annoying pursuer, especially if you pass the ball to them (stopping them from firing weapons). This won't work if it's any more than one person against you (a few seconds won't buy you enough time to kill them all unless you have a superweapon handy and don't mind sacrificing yourself in the process) so be careful what you do. Passing the ball ahead can gain some extra distance if you may not make it, and hope another member from your team is near enough to carry on.
  • Don't be afraid of sacrificing yourself for seven-pointer goals. Quite a few goals in arenas have some form of trap or defence that kills any player that scores a seven-pointer. All you'll lose is any weapons you had, and since you'll respawn at your base anyway picking up a new arsenal isn't hard. Seven-pointer goals are worth it.
  • Ask for protection if you have the ball, but also provide it if you don't. Essentially what this gametype does is pit one player against the entire opposing team who are all trying to kill them. This isn't fair, so give them some help. Kill any player that comes near, and if the carrier dies, or is near death, you can receive a pass or pick up the fumble and carry on. Likewise, don't expect to be able to get to the goal alone if you have the ball, so get a small group of team-mates to help you.
  • Dodge like crazy. Even if holding the ball regenerates your health (it does, up to 100 points) standing still for even a split-second is a deathwish in most games. If you're not constantly agile, enemy fire will catch up with you remarkably quickly. When under attack from three or four players at once, this is not the kind of damage some regeneration feature is going to protect you from.
  • Use the Translocator. This handy little device shoots a small disc in primary fire and once shot, you can translocate yourself to the current position of the disc by hitting the secondary fire. In matches versus humans it is essential to learn the "Passing technique": Once a member of your team locked you in order to pass to you, try and throw the disc into the general direction of the enemy's goal. This way you will be able to translocate yourself, while the passed ball is approaching you and "drag" the ball with you to the location you just translocated to.
  • Think Capture the Flag. Capture the Flag and Bombing Run aren't that different, so you can apply some tactics from that. Remembering base layouts and having your goal (flag) defended are both good tactics.