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Capture the Flag is a fun team-based game that's quite simple. Each team has a base, and in the heart of that base is their Flag. Both teams must try to break into the enemy base, steal the enemy Flag, and return to their Flag. Doing this scores a point. The first team to reach the set amount of points (or has the most when time runs out) wins. If you're killed whilst holding the enemy Flag, you'll drop it (obviously) and then if you're lucky it'll be picked up by team-mate and they'll carry on. If the enemy has your flag, and they drop it, if either you or one of your team-members pick it up, it'll be returned to your base.

How to win[edit]

  • Do not try and Translocate whilst holding the enemy Flag. This would obviously make the flag carrier almost impossible to chase down and kill, so if you try it you'll drop the Flag where you translocated from. If you've got enemies on your tail, this will only let them return it unless you're very quick.
  • Find and kill the enemy flag carrier as fast as possible. If the enemy gets your Flag find him quickly because generally the further they get, the harder it becomes to chase them down. When they're in their own territory they're well protected and it's easy for other team members to pick the Flag up if the current carrier is killed.
  • Always have your Flag guarded. Enemy players are generally easiest to kill in the flag room after they've battled their way through the rest of your base. Also, if they manage to kill your guards you can expect them to have at least weakened the flag carrier enough for you or another team-mate to easily kill them long before they get back into their own territory.
  • Attack in small groups, if you can. If you're in a group, you have some guards to help dispose of enemy defenders. They are also helpful for picking up the enemy Flag if you die. Generally, getting the enemy Flag is a lot easier when you're not being shot at.
  • If you want, keep a spy or two in the enemy base. These can hide and repeatedly kill enemy defenders for you, and also serves as a fallback plan to steal the enemy Flag if all of a sudden you find your team losing. You wouldn't always think of looking for enemies hiding out in your own base, would you?
  • When finding your way around the enemy base, think of your own base. The layout of the enemy base is almost always the same as yours, so if you remember the way to your flag from the neutral area, then you can easily find your way to their Flag, and it's the same with getting out again.

Instagib Capture the Flag[edit]

This was added in a patch released by Epic Games. The instagib variation of this gametype is generally a lot faster-paced since getting to the Flag is now a lot harder, and getting out is equally as hard, if not harder. Generally, the same tactics work, but since killing is a lot easier, don't expect defenders to last as long as they would do normally. Staying agile is also a lot more important since you can't afford to be hit at all. Groups of attackers can be cut down impressively quickly by a handful of snipers, so try to stay out of the way, and use unusual ways of entering enemy territory and their bases.