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Deathmatches are simple really; it's everyone on everyone. Every time you kill, you get a frag. Every time you die, you lose a frag. When you get enough frags, you win. These matches can be short or long depening on how many frags you set the goal score at, and tame or crazy depending on how many players you have, or what mutators you use.

How to win[edit]

  • Stay agile and keep moving. You're an easy target if you're not moving, and although it's harder to aim, you can switch to a weapon that doesn't need much aiming prowess if you're really having trouble.
  • Hide. If people can't see you then you can surprise them by sneaking up behind them, or jumping out on them. As long as they don't have an obvious weapon or health advantage, you should be able to kill them quickly without incurring too much damage yourself. Don't be too sneaky or hard-to-find, because that way you'll slow yourself down, and other players may not stumble into traps you set for them.
  • Don't worry about ammo consumption. You'll be able to acquire a fair-sized arsenal within a few seconds of spawning anyway, so you can pour ammo into killing enemies and the moment you're out you'll just switch to another one. Killing enemies makes them drop their ammo and weapon too, so you can pick it up from the corpse and replenish your supply.
  • Take health, shield and ammo supplies, even if you don't really need them. Not only does this make sure you're always fully ready for killing, but it annoys opponents when they're low on health and can't find anything to help. This, of course, leads to a nice, easy kill. But don't forget...
  • Remember where supplies and weapons are. The above may happen to you so you need to be able to find other supplies that you need quickly if the ones you were trying to get have been recently taken. Also, this applies to weapons, so that when you spawn, you know where your personal favourite weapons are. This way, you can be equipped to kill very quickly. If you can remember where superweapons, kegs o' health, super shields, or double damage powerups are as well, and how to get to them, even better.
  • Don't forget about adrenaline and adrenaline combos. The regeneration (down, down, down, down) combo is particularly useful in keeping you well enough so that you might not need to pick up health after a kill. This will also regenerate shields as well. The speed (up, up, up, up) combo will make you a lot harder to hit if you're agile as well. Also, pick up adrenaline wherever you can find it.
  • Kill at every opportunity. If you don't, other players will and that will only result in you losing. If you attempt to kill whenever you can, you'll collect a lot of frags quickly and be well on your way to winning.