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The Minigun is a very powerful machine gun.

The maximum ammo it can hold is 300.

  • Killing an enemy with the minigun: "B was mowed down by A's minigun."

Primary and Secondary Fire[edit]

Primary fire is a rapid-firing stream of bullets. There's nothing special about them, just there's enough of them to kill a lot of enemies, and quickly at that. But, since this is a machine gun, it'll eat through ammo ridiculously fast. Also, be careful at distances because the bullets spread out a lot, so you'll be unlikely to hit anything unless you're up close.

Secondary fire is another stream of bullets, but it's a lot slower. There's almost no spread in the bullets with this method, however, and each bullet does a little bit more damage.


There's no real trick or skill required to use the Minigun; it's a very user-friendly weapon, even if you can't aim well. If you can aim, the secondary fire is good over longer distances. Up close however, the spread of the primary fire isn't really an issue and since it fires a lot faster, it's probably the best choice. Although ammo isn't quite as common as other weapons, and the fact that it eats through ammo very quickly, you can kill quickly and easily with this weapon which means it's favourable in a lot of situations.