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The Mutant Deathmatch variation is where the first person to kill becomes the Mutant; a player with a starting 199 health and 150 shield, increased running speed, higher jumps, and 999 ammo for every standard weapon. After this, every player (with one exception) can only try and kill the Mutant, but in turn the Mutant can kill every other player. The person who lands the killing shot will then become the Mutant. The exception is the Bottom Feeder, the person with the lowest score. They can also kill other players. And, like a normal Deathmatch, the first person to reach the required amount of points or has the highest score when time runs out wins.

How to win[edit]

  • Kill as fast as possible. This way you'll maximize your chance that you'll get the first kill and become the Mutant.
  • Don't stop hunting the Mutant down. Whenever you're not the Mutant you should be hunting the player that is. Every player other than the Mutant has a radar on-screen to direct them to the current Mutant's location. Even as the Bottom Feeder you should be hunting him down, but kill other players on the way.
  • Know the strengths and weaknesses of being Mutant. Obviously a player with all those benefits but no weakness would be able to kill far too easily and no-one would stand a chance, even if they did gang up on him. The biggest weakness of being the Mutant is although you start at 150 shield and 199 health, it will constantly drop. You can pick up stuff to heal you, but every second a tiny bit of your shield and then your health will be sapped away. Add the fact that every other player is trying to kill you, and you find yourself losing health very quickly.
  • When you're Mutant, play like you would in a Deathmatch. The tactics of a Deathmatch work well when you’re Mutant.