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The Rocket launcher is a heavy ballistic weapon designed for anti-infantry use.

The player can carry up to 30 rockets at any time. Depending on the fire mode, the player may expand up to 3 rockets per each fire.

  • Killing an enemy with rocket fire: " Target rode the player's rocket into oblivion."
  • Killing yourself with rocket fire: "Player released his rocket prematurely."

Primary and Secondary Fires[edit]

When the primary fire is depressed, the launcher immediately fires the rocket loaded in the chamber. The rocket flies in a straight line, and detonates upon contacting any surface or target. The the rocket explodes, it deals splash damage towards any enemy close to it. Secondary fire loads the launcher with up to 3 rockets, and releasing the secondary fire during the charging process fires all rockets simultaneously. It should be noted that when the launcher loads the third rocket, it will auto-fire. You cannot carry a fully-loaded rocket launcher.

When using the secondary fire mode, you can control the mode the rockets are being launched. By default, the rockets leave the launcher with a spread pattern. However, if you tap the primary fire during the charging process, the rockets will travel in a tight group towards a small target, dealing massive damage to the enemy if all three of them connect.

Heat-seeking mode[edit]

If you keep the enemy in your sights for 3 consecutive seconds, you will hear a blip. This means the rocket launcher has established a lock upon the target, and the rocket will actively track the target unless the lock is lost. This also works with the secondary fire of the rocket. When 3 rockets are tracking a target, it is almost a sure-fire kill.


Use the weapon at medium range. Since the rockets are not hit-scan ammunition, opponents can easily dodge the incoming fire if there is time to react. Also, firing this at close range is definitely an unwise decision.

To utilize the splash damage, aim at your target's feet, or any surrounding walls he is close to. This means that the rockets may explode near him if it misses, and still cause damage.