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The Shock rifle is a relatively fast-firing weapon which is generally quite good.

It has a maximum of 50 ammo (primary and secondary fire both use 1 ammo, shock combo uses 5).

  • Killing an enemy with a beam: "B was fatally enlightened by A's shock beam."
  • Killing an enemy with a shock core: "B was wasted by A's shock core."
  • Killing an enemy with a shock combo: "B couldn't avoid the blast from A's shock combo."
  • Killing yourself with a shock combo: "A made a tactical error with his shock combo."

Score 15 kills with the shock combo nets you a weapon specific title "Combo Whore".

Primary and Secondary Fire[edit]

The primary fire of the Shock Rifle is a pink laser beam which reaches its target almost instantly. It's not that powerful, it can kill a person at normal health in three or so shots. It can be a bit hard to hit foes with, especially when they're moving about a lot.

The secondary fire is a ball of purple-ish energy (a shock core), that drifts towards the target. This consumes the same amount of ammo as primary fire. The trick with this is that when you hit one of these balls with the primary fire, it results in a powerful explosion. This is referred to as a shock combo.


If you are a decent shot, the Shock Rifle can be a great weapon over long and short distances. The shock combo can be a little hard to master, but if you can, this weapon becomes a powerful tool which can do damage at any range. The only thing to watch out for is this can reveal your position quite easily if you're trying to hide.

Super Shock Rifle[edit]

This is the name for the instagib version of the Shock Rifle. As 'instagib' suggests, this weapon kills in one shot regardless of where you hit and scatters them into nice bite-sized chunks. It also has infinite ammo, and in CTF or TDM matches (with the instagib/zoom instagib mutator active, and other gametypes too if you type a few commands in the console) the gun and its fire is coloured the same as your team. This makes matches a lot more hectic.

This weapon has one glitch: if you use the Booster adrenaline combo to increase your health and shield to the maximum, it will take two hits to kill you. The reason for this is that UT2004's Super Shock Rifle does about 300 damage per shot (instead of the original UT's Enhanced Shock Rifle's 16900 damage).