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When you visit Urban Rivals' website for the first time, a registration prompt will appear. After submitting your credentials, including a username, password, and email address, you will get to choose what type of deck you want to play with. You will get to choose from Cool, Action, or Danger, and then you will receive 8 random cards from that deck.

Lobby selection[edit]

Lobbies are lists of online players. Urban Rivals has organized lobbies into different types, typically to separate players by level. The point is to match players up against those with similar cards and skill levels.


  • "Would you like to start the Quick Battle mode again?"

In the lower portion of the screen you will notice several small icons and a bar. The bar is labeled with "XP" at the bottom right and represents the amount of experience you have.


  • Power
  • Damage
  • Ability
  • Bonus
  • Life
  • Pillz
  • Give up


Battle is split into rounds.

  • Accelerate


On the victory screen, you cannot change any options. Clicking anywhere will give you the prompt that gives you three options:

  1. Send a message: compose a brief message to the player you just faced off against. Typing something in the box and pressing Enter will end a message to their inbox, and exit you to a lobby (either the last lobby you were in, or the next level lobby if you leveled up).
  2. Back: clicking this will not send a message to the player, but exit you to a lobby.
  3. Cancel: closes the prompt.


In Urban Rivals, there are two types of leveling. Your username levels up, and your cards level as well.