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First things first:

That's the website.

Then, make your account.

You will be given a random set of 8 cards (2 from a certain clan, 2 from another certain clan and 4 from another certain clan)

When you make your account, you'll be heading to Kate HQ.

Kate is a Tutorial master. She basically teaches some parts of the game.

You then battle her. She'll use no pillz in the first battle. (Pillz is like the attack raiser.)

Next battle, she'll use no more than 3 pillz.

The final battle is basically the previous battle, but in a different pill usage style.

After you defeat Kate 3 times, you will be teleported to "Welcome to Town". You have 2 choices:

  • Battle Kate continuously until you reach level 9
  • Battle real live players

By the way, you should have Timber now. You should put him in your deck.