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I am a staff member of other NIWA wikis. I own a lot of games, and I also make my own. I released my first game, Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, on March 18th, 2016. The game has received many verbal positive reviews from my friends, family, and fans, though actual public reviews are few. I am currently working on the next game, and a demo for it is available to download. Maybe I'll see StrategyWiki pages for my games sometime in the future ;)

I also have my own wiki for my games, and have a YouTube Channel called Hardcore Alex where I play video games with an extra set of rules of my own, among other things like Smash Bros. replays.

I also have cases of Tourette's, Autism, and Asperger's, the later two of which could show when I edit pages. English is my native language, though Autism and Asperger's makes it difficult to convey exactly what I mean sometimes. However, I'm always willing to clarify should I be confusing to anyone. My Tourette's is a coughing/throat-clearing-like noise. Be glad you can't hear that through text *cough*.

Games I have[edit]

Go to another NIWA wiki and search for User:Alex95 (User:PowerMasterAlex on ZeldaWiki). I have a list of games on each one, if I have a game in that series.