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What flavor is blendmaster?[edit]

This transcript has been modified to fit yer screen, dammit!

[A rocking chair on a quaint, table-layout based ranch home's front porch. On it, a man.]

"Ya' see them thar controller buttons, an' them icons round th' front page? They's my doin'. "

[Rocks chair]

"Yeap, long hours at th' Ink Scape, minin' for vecters. I tell's ya, back in my day, we used t' litter the page with markup. Y'could barely see the words but fer the [[Image]] tags."

"Page be trippin' tags!"

"Ahem! Sorry 'bout that. Lost my vernaculer fer a second thar. Anyways, back in them pre-template years, ya couldn' go but ten words fer one of them tags! But it's better now, Yeap. Th' Templates a'fixed all that. You kids have it easy now, with yer {{Xbox}}, and yer {{Gb}}, and yer {{Nes}}, and yer {{Arcade}}."

[Takes draw from bubble pipe]

"Well, that's 'bout it from ol' Blendmaster. Now get off my Userpage!"

[Throws cane at camera. Walks back into house, slams door, and logs out]

He's a cool guy, and doesn't anything[edit]