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Welcome[edit | edit source]

Hello, reader! On the magical land of the interwebs, I go by "Doozer" mostly nowadays.

Games[edit | edit source]

My favorite game genres include:

  • Manic shmups
  • FPSs
  • Action RPGs

Links[edit | edit source]

Nothing here yet. I'll add some things when I relearn Wiki markup syntax!

Current Project[edit | edit source]

I've decided I'm going to focus my efforts strongly on the Help namespace for the next few days. We need to begin explaining how guides should be created and formatted, and we need our own MediaWiki markup reference. Help:Contents will eventually turn into a basic introduction followed by a number of links within the Help namespace.

My Contributions[edit | edit source]

  • I've created three templates: Spoilers, Copyvio, and Copyviosrc, for insertion on guide pages.
  • I've fleshed out the initial Help:Contents page with hopefully enough info to get people started creating and editing guide pages. I created the sandbox, too.
  • I've done a little bit to the layout of the front page, making the categories a little more obvious.
  • I created a quick index, modeled after Wikipedia's.
  • I've done some formatting on the OoT and GTA San Andreas controls pages to make them a little prettier.

More to come . . .

My sandbox[edit | edit source]

If you see something here you like, feel free to take it and use it in the guides!

Boss Weakness Table
  Boss A Boss B Boss C Boss D Boss E Boss F Boss G
Boss A Attack   X          
Boss B Attack X            
Boss C Attack         X    
Boss D Attack             X
Boss E Attack           X  
Boss F Attack     X        
Boss G Attack       X