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Gender Female
Location New York, USA
Age 21
First System Nintendo Entertainment System
First Video Game Super Mario Bros.
Watches Anime, Horror, (Crime) Dramas, Disney, Marvel, Pro Wrestling
Listens to Mostly Heavy/Thrash/Melodic Death Metal, some J-Pop and K-Pop
Plays Anything
Current Status Active

Hey there, I'm Wario and I'm a site admin. I've been here for eight years now, and my primary focus really hasn't shifted too much in that time (cough, cough). I wish I could say I have some sort of structure to what I do here but I usually just write guides for whatever I feel like writing on. My interests lean more toward Japanese games but I'm definitely open to Western games too.

See ya around, and happy editing.


This user's starter Pokémon is:
Pokemon 001Bulbasaur.pngBulbasaur