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This template is used to insert achievements and trophies. It is used as follows:

|name=Name of the achievement or trophy
|g=Gamerpoints value (optional)
|trophy=PS3 trophy type (Bronze, Gold, or Silver; optional)
|image=Filename of the achievement's icon ''without'' the "Image:" (e.g. "Game_achievement.png")
|description=Description of what the achievement means. (Optional.)
|progress=Progress (number, optional)
|total=Total progress numbers available (number, optional)
|units=Units displayed instead of percentage (text, optional)
|width=Width in pixels of achievement (default: 250px or as set by stylesheet)

To explain the progress and total parameters further, they're used for achievements and trophies which can have a measured progress, such as getting a certain number of kills in a game; the progress parameter would be how many kills you'd got, and the total parameter would be the (constant) total number of kills required to get the achievement.

All achievements have an ID of "achievement_Achievement_name" given to them, where Achievement_name is an anchor-encoded (using {{anchorencode}}) version of the value passed to the achievement parameter. This can be used to link to the achievement details from, for example, achievement list pages.