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Hey, thanks for looking at my home page!!!

If you read this, guess what, you must be very bored... u.u


Hey guys! Um... I am really glad to work on StrategyWiki. I always wanted to do it, (somehow i missed the sign up button...)

I like reading about video game articles and editing them if I find something wrong I play AQ worlds under the name "jakcer" who is currently lv 10 (find me if you are bored-.-) I also edit stuff about AQ worlds. I play Dragonfable and is at lv 16.

I play some Final Fantasy games but I enjoy editing them more. The only games I have played are usually the old games. I have played FFI, FFIII, FFIV, FFV, and FFCrystalChoronicles

Well I guess that is it!


AQWorlds Logo.JPG This user has a lv 10 character in AQW. Battle-on!
Littlefight2 -1-.gif This user loves to play Little Fighter 2



May you days be filled with adventureJakcer 18:39, 19 January 2009 (UTC)