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The Old Camp[edit]

an aerial view of the Old Camp.

Despite being criminals, those in the Old Camp do have laws regarding tresspassing and fighting. Usually you can get off with just a warning if you are caught breaking the law, but if you aren't seen or nobody minds you can act with impunity.

The castle[edit]

The fire magicians that you need to deliver a letter to are inside the castle. You are outside the castle. And the guards won't let you in. You'll normally gain access by becoming a Shadow, delivering a letter from the Magicians of Water or taking weeds to Gomez. So whichever camp you join, you can get access to the castle. Alternatively, pay Thorus 1000 Ore if you got money to burn. It's actually not the worst possible investment, but just progressing through the story until you get one the three mentioned quests is easier and will net you more XP.


The first thing you'll discover is that you can't go into most huts. The exceptions are the huts of named characters. Most named characters (such as Diego) don't care about you entering their houses, so you can rob them in broad daylight. The named characters who do mind about this can be robbed when they are in the house when you enter (even if you wake them up in the process). No-name characters can be robbed if nobody sees you enter, or if you knock them down first. As a general rule, if you hear "hey you!" simply leave and try a different approach or come back later.

For more detailed info on housebreaking, see Housebreaking in the Old Camp.


If you draw your weapon within the camp everyone will react. They won't attack unless you attack first, however. As a general rule you can attack any unnamed character without punishment (attacking named characters will often result in the guards attacking you). Guards are invulnerable as are many named NPCs, and they will remain so until their role in the plot is finished, so it's best not to pick fights with them.

With your standard attacks you can't kill anybody, only knock them down, and except for protected NPCs (see Protection) nobody will care who you beat up. Your victim will drop their weapon and stay down for a while, and you can take their weapon and loot their prone body without anybody caring. Giving them a sound beating has no repercussions as they forget soon after you leave the area; except in a few cases you can beat even named NPCs and they'll still treat you as a friend when you return later.

When your victim gets up he might be angry but he won't attack you, and he's weak and weaponless anyway. Those who ran away or were only wounded may resume attacking you when you next see them, but that shouldn't be a problem either. If a wounded victim flees for the safety of the castle don't bother pursuing him, since the guards will probably start shooting at you; just wait until he returns to his hut and get him then.


A handful of no-name NPCs are under the protection of the guards, so attacking them will earn you a crossbow bolt in the neck; if you get shot at simply run away for a while and both the guards and your victim will forget all about it. Diggers are a sure bet as only a couple of them are protected, and the guards will just watch and laugh as you beat them into the dust. You can attack the protected diggers without problems as long as the guards are offscreen.

You can pay for protection as well. Simply talk to the named guards patrolling the fenceline of the three areas of the camp, Bloodwyn and Jackal. Fletcher doesn't collect protection money. You'll know who they are because they'll almost always initiate conversation with you upon first seeing you or when you haven't paid yet. For 10 ore (paid on a daily basis), they'll watch your back. The one exception, as they explain, is that they won't help if you are attacked by someone who is also protected.

If you don't have enough ore you can pay Bloodwyn as much as you have. Bloodwyn and Jackal must be paid individually, so if you pay one protection money but then get into trouble in another's area the first won't come to help you. You can stop paying protection money at any time (either by talking to them or by simply avoiding coming within talking range of them) without any real consequences other than (obviously) losing their support.

If you stop paying Bloodwyn, Grim will tell you that the diggers just outside the camp have stolen an amulet, and he wants you to help him get it back. If you've already robbed them you know this to be untrue, so it's obviously a trap. The sneaky way to do this is to leave him without saying you're ready, go beat up both of them until they fall over (or, even better, leave them standing so that they run away altogether) and then agree to go out with him. Once out there either beat him up or else run back inside the camp. Once defeated or close to the gate guards he'll stop trying to attack you, so talk to him and convince him to make his peace with you.

Finishing moves[edit]

To kill an NPC perform the coup de grâce (use attack while standing over their prone body). If you do this you'll usually be in big trouble (unless it's just an unnamed digger who didn't pay for protection). It's best not to kill anybody as you may break a quest by doing so.

As a general rule, NPCs (even guards) won't deliver a finishing move when fighting you. If you get knocked down the person who did it will take a percentage of your Ore. If you get finished with magic or a projectile, however, you'll simply die straight away. To avoid these problems you can save before, and maybe consider storing some of your Ore elsewhere, for example in the vacant hut Guy tells you about. (but be sure to move anything of value out of the old camp before chapter 4)

The Arena[edit]

The Old Camp also features an arena. You can fight here to earn brownie points from Scatty. Note that when you fight in the arena every NPC in the nearby area comes to watch (even the guard in front of the locked door), and they stay standing there for a while even after the fight is over. You can quickly lose a fight and then go rob a couple of otherwise inaccessible houses with nobody around to stop you. Repeat as necessary. At night, NPCs will gather in the spectator area of the arena (despite there being nothing to see), and if you talk to Scatty trying to place a bet he'll tell you there is no fight going on and there will be an announcement for the next fight in a couple of days. But this never happens. The Dark Mysteries mod implements fights and betting, among various other things.

Requirements for joining the old camp[edit]

See Admission to the Old Camp. You'll also need to be at least level 5 to become a shadow. You have to earn brownie points from the shadows/guards. Snaf doesn't count. You are allowed to skip one and if you are not interested in lockpicking/sneaking/pickpocketing, you should skip Fingers and save the skill points for something else.

Admission to the Old Camp[edit]

Ask Diego what you need to do to be accepted. He tells you to speak to Thorus at the castle gate. Thorus sends you back to Diego. You have to earn brownie points from the influential people in the camp, most of them are Shadows. There are 7 associated quests and you have to complete at least 6 of them. Snaf's Recipe does not count towards your acceptance. Neither does whatever Mud tells you, nobody takes him seriously. As you are allowed to skip one quest, many players opt to skip Fingers because putting skill points into strength and handling weapons is far more beneficial early on in the game. Alternatively you can skip Vanished Guard and hold onto the amulet for yourself. Unless you rob Gomez, you probably won't get an armor amulet until the fourth chapter.

Three quests require you to completely leave the camp and come back later:

Whistler's Sword[edit]

This is a simple one. Whistler wants you to get Whistler's Sword (20/15) from Fisk. Agree and he will give you 100 Ore to get it. Head on down the slope and talk to Fisk, often sitting on the bench in front of his hut. The first time you get close to Fisk he'll force-dialog you. Tell him you're looking for a sword, something ornamental and he'll offer you the sword for 110 Ore. Either pay or politely decline for now and head back to Whistler to ask for the additional 10 Ore, then pay. Fisk will punish any attempt at haggling. Take the sword to Whistler right away, otherwise after a few days he'll become hostile and the quest fails.

Scatty's arena fight[edit]

Scatty is the arena master, he's somewhere around the arena entrance. Talk to him. To get his vote, you must defeat Kirgo (hard) or challenge Kharim. (easy) You only get one shot at both. To beat Kirgo your strength plus weapon damage has to exceed 45. You'll need a good weapon, armor and increased strength to have any chance. Drop your Ore before the fight so Kirgo can't take it.

The easier option is to challenge Kharim. Exhaust all dialog options top to bottom, they're funny. Go into the arena, drop your Ore and let him knock you unconscious. (find a bed later to restore your health) Kharim's stats (particularly his armor) make it clear you're not really supposed to beat him. It is a valid option though, but you'll probably need magic or soften him up before the actual fight. See Getting good gear for inspiration.

Talk to Scatty again and he'll vote for you as he's impressed you defeated Kirgo or dared to challenge Kharim at all.


Ask Diego who can teach you, otherwise Fingers will "not see how" he could help you. Fingers wants you to learn a thief's skill. He can train you in pickpocketing (requires sneaking, not recommended) and lockpicking. For sneaking he will refer you to Cavalorn, you'll pass his hut during Thorus' Quest on your way to the New Camp. Fingers will vote for you if you learn level 1 lockpicking from him and/or sneaking from Cavalorn, either is sufficient.

Thorus' Quest[edit]

Talk to Thorus and insist you are capable of helping with anything he wants. His task is for you to get rid of Mordrag, a merchant from the New Camp. Go and see Mordrag near the south gate, he'll force-dialog you the first time you see him. Tell him he has a problem and let him convince you that the New Camp is awesome and you want to see it. He will take you to the New Camp. When you get there he will give you his ring, Mordrag's Ring (+5 DEX), to give to Lares and tell you he's going to stay here for a while. If you take the ring to Lares you will get access to Lares' hut and unlock Lares as a trainer. While at the New Camp feel free to talk to people and do quests, there is no time limit.

You can also complete this quest by simply killing Mordrag, but this is both hard and pointless. Should you prefer this anyway, get some inspiration from Getting good gear. Next time you see Thorus, tell him the good news and you get his vote.

Vanished Guard[edit]

Nek has gone missing and Sly is hoping you'll run into him. Exit the camp through the south exit. On the right from the path there is a rock formation. In it, there is a cave that's guarded by Molerats. Turn the Molerats into Raw Meat and get Nek's amulet  5 . Return to Sly if you want his vote. Turns out it was about the amulet all along. If you're not yet sure you want to join the Old Camp you can just hold onto it for now by simply not reporting back to him.

Recipe of the Sect[edit]

Dexter wants Kalom's recipe to be able to make his own healing potions. You'll need one or more Picklocks. Ask Baal Parvez (usually standing near the campfire of the marketplace) to take you to the swamp camp. Make sure you keep pace with him; if he gets too far out of sight he will disappear and spawn directly at his destination. When you get to the camp, ask Lester near the entrance to take you to the alchemy lab. * You should now be by a hut with Kalom's Bodyguard standing outside. Wait until nightfall (sleep if needed) and go in. You can't steal the recipe while Caine is there, but he leaves for the night. With Caine out out of sight pick the lock on the left chest. (R R L R) Kalom is too busy to notice you. Take the recipe back to Dexter, he'll give you 50 Ore and you have his vote.

Because nobody saw you take the recipe, doing this quest does not prevent you joining the Sect Camp. The recipe itself is gobbledygook.

Test of Faith[edit]

Diego will tell you to go to the Old Mine and collect a list of supplies that the mine workers need from Ian. Ask Diego why Ian would give you the list, and he will say to tell him Diego sent you. (if you skip this Ian won't give you the list) Diego will tell you Graham can get you a map with directions. If you go to Graham, you can get the map for 30 Ore or threaten him to get it for free. The map with directions is the same as the Map of the colony he also sells but cropped and with a red X drawn onto it. You can view the map by pressing "m", the mine is north west of the Old Camp. The Old Mine is fronted by abandoned wooden turrets and a masher. There are several ways of getting there:

  • During Thorus' Quest you walked across a bridge with a split on the other side. The left path led to the New Camp. The right path leads to the Old Mine, with only a few relatively easy to beat monsters on the path.
  • More difficult: follow the road out of the main gate of the old camp, across the bridge, and through the forest. In the forest, it's easiest to take the tunnel the path leads into and just keep going after that. You will encounter some wolves and molerats, deal with them. When you arrive at a split after leaving the forest, go right.
  • Slow method: go to the swamp camp and wait for Gor Na Drak (who can teach you how to remove Minecrawler mandibles) and another templar to go to the Old Mine, they commute daily.* Follow them, they'll kill any monsters on the path. This isn't the preferred method because they walk slowly and you won't earn any XP for the kills.

Get into the mine. At the top level there's a store with merchant Santino. Make your way down. Ian is standing in front of the second store in the mine from merchant Alberto. Talk to him to get the list. This is also a good time to loot Ulbert's Storeshed and Aaron's Chest. Return the list directly to Diego to complete the quest and get Diego's vote. If you want to join the New Camp, take it to Lares first.

Test of Faith[edit]

The "Test of Faith" is one of the easiest but longest of the quests before joining a camp. Diego will tell you to go to the Old Mine and collect a list of supplies that the mine workers need from someone named Ian. Ask Diego why Ian would give you the list, and he will say to tell him Diego sent you (if you skip this step you will be unable to get the list until you ask Diego this question). The mine is north west of the Old Camp; if you ask how to get to the Old Mine, Diego will tell you that the local map-maker, Graham, should give you a map to the Old Mine. If you go to Graham, you can get the 50 ore map for 30 ore by mentioning Diego once, and, after insisting that Diego said you could "get" the map, not "buy" the map, you will get it for free. He also sells a Map of the colony which you probably want to get if don't have it yet. (you can view the map by pressing "m")

Just follow the road out of the main gate, across the bridge, and through the forest. You can try to swim around the forest and many of the enemies, but be careful around the Lizards further upstream. The Old Mine is fronted by abandoned wooden turrets and a masher, with the entrance behind. Sometimes, you will find two Templars, one named Gor Na Drak, walking to and from the Old Mine, and waiting at the entrance. Gor Na Drak, when asked, will teach you how to remove Minecrawler mandibles for free ore (1 skill point) if you ask him.

Once you get into the mine, start making your way down. Ian is next to the second set of red flags, the second store in the mine, run by Alberto (the first was on the starting level, run by Santino). Get the list from him and head back out of the mine.

You can return the list to Diego to complete your quest for the Old Camp, for experience and brownie-points. If you plan on joining the New Camp, you should give it to Lares at the New Camp to help you join that camp as a Rogue. The Test of Faith has no impact on the Sect Camp fortunately.

Vanished Guard[edit]

Sly's friend Nek has gone missing. Head over to the wall near the arena and talk to Fletcher. He tells you more about Nek, and asks you to go find him. If you've collected ingredients for Snaf's Recipe you already know what happened to him; if not, go do it, as it's a great way to solve two quests at the same time. You can find Snaf along the lower path left of the north gate.

Once you have found the amulet tell Fletcher what happened, then return to Sly. He doesn't really care that Nek is dead, what he really wants is the amulet. If you're not yet sure you want to join the Old Camp you can just hold onto it for now by simply not reporting back to him yet. All he'll give you is some experience and his promise to speak up for you in front of Diego, but he won't do this until you give him the amulet.

Thorus' Quest[edit]

Once you have requested Admission to the Old Camp by talking to Diego, Thorus, Diego again, and then Thorus again, ask Thorus if he has a task for you and convince him you're skilled enough. His task is for you to get rid of a guy called Mordrag, an unwanted visitor from the New Camp. Go and see Mordrag (he's near the south gate). If you only care about keeping Thorus happy, kill Mordrag. This will be no easy task at this point, however.

If you want easy access to the New Camp or are simply unable to beat Mordrag, tell him "you have a problem" and he'll get ready to leave. He will lead you directly to the New Camp. When you get there he will give you his ring as a sign that you are a friend. You can later use this as a bargaining tool for joining the New Camp.

While at the New Camp feel free to talk to people, do quests, or steal things; when you're ready head back to the Old Camp and tell Thorus the good news. If you didn't kill Mordrag he'll say he'd have preferred if you had, but either way he's satisfied and promises you his vote.

Recipe of the Sect[edit]

Dexter wants Kalom's recipe to be able to make his own healing potions. If you keep pushing and threaten to just walk away if he doesn't pay upfront, he'll give you 50 ore. If you want to join the Old camp (or just want the XP) accept the quest and then ask Baal Pervez (usually standing just next to Dexter) to take you to the camp. Make sure you keep pace with him; if he gets too far out of sight he will go to the camp without you. Once you get to the camp, ask Lester near the entrance to take you to the alchemy lab. * You should now be by a hut that has "Kalom's Bodyguard" standing outside it. Go on in. If you want to you can ask Kor Kalom to sell you the recipe, but he will refuse. You can't steal the recipe while Caine is there, so wait until he leaves for the night. As soon as he is safely out of sight pick the lock on the left chest (Kalom won't notice you doing this). Bring the recipe back to Dexter and he will reward you. He will also give you his vote for Admission to the Old Camp.

Because nobody saw you take the recipe, doing this quest does not prevent you joining the Sect Camp at a later date.

The recipe itself is gobbledygook.

The Big Thing of the Brotherhood[edit]

Basically the "Big Thing" is the biggest part of Chapter 2, and the Swamp Camp is the Crux of this chapter.

If you joined the Old Camp or New Camp, either Raven or Mordrag will tell you that they want you to go over to the Sect Camp and find out what's up. If you have joined the Sect Camp, Cor Kalom will just tell you to go make yourself useful, and send you to deal with some weed makers outside the New Camp.

No matter which camp you joined, when you bump into Lester at the Main Gate, he will tell you he is glad you are here, and that the Brotherhood is planning to contact the Sleeper. He will tell you to go speak to Y'Berion in the temple. Go do this.

This will trigger two new quests, Focus for the Gurus and the Secretion of the Minecrawlers.

The Sect Camp[edit]

Swamp/sect camp entrance

The Sect Camp is home to the Brotherhood of the Sleeper. They are a mysterious group founded by a man named Y'Berion a few years before the events of Gothic. The camp is a cult worshipping a mysterious new god whom they call the Sleeper, whom they achieve contact with through swampweed, a herb which when prepared and smoked enables some to hear the voice of the Sleeper. They also trade this swampweed for ore with the other camps, as they are the only camp that does not mine ore or have their own mine to control.

The camp is divided into three groups, the Novices, who serve the Baals & the community of the Brotherhood by doing chores and listening to the teachings, the Templars, holy warriors who serve the Baals in battle and fight for the Sleeper, and the Gurus, the leaders and figureheads of the camp who give spiritual guidance to the Novices and Templars, and tell them the will of the Sleeper. The Gurus and the best of the Templars receive the gift of Magic, the magic of the Sleeper, which is different than the magic practiced by magicians of the realm of Myrtana. The Sleeper's magic focuses on control of people and objects with their mind, and despite it's cryptic origin, it is clear that the Gurus are not to be trifled with, as they could render someone unconscious or even make them burst into flames with their mind alone.

The inhabitants of the other two camps view them as strange and mysterious at best. They are often referred to as "sect loonies", due to their strange behavior and lifestyle, as well as their mysterious new god.

Requirements for joining the sect camp[edit]

See Admission to the Swamp Camp. Also you'll have to be level 5 to become a novice.

If you joined the sect camp, you can enter the castle by taking weeds to Gomez.

Admission to the Swamp Camp[edit]

In order to become an initiate of the sect of the Sleeper you need to impress the Baals. They wear distinctive clothing, and require you to perform sometimes complicated tasks. You cannot talk directly to them, so you must find out how to impress them by talking to other people.

Baal Namib[edit]

Silent Lester glitch
When you get Lester to lead you somewhere it is possible that he will become glitched and refuse to speak to you. To avoid this, always solve this part of the admission quest before actually using him as a guide.

Talk to Lester and ask all the topics he offers. When you've run out of topics ask him to lead you to the temple. As soon as you're a short distance away from Namib ask him how to earn Namib's favour, and he will tell you a lie to rehearse. Now tell him you've changed your mind, and he'll go back to the entrance.

Go back to the entrance and he'll speak to you. Say you've renounced the old gods, and everything else will play out from there. Go and stand in front of Namib, who will say you must indeed be worthy. Tell him you want to join the Brotherhood.

Baal Orun[edit]

See The Swampweed Harvest. You'll need to have found Ghorim's Replacement first.

Baal Cadar[edit]

Cast a Sleep scroll on one of his pupils. You can get this from Baal Orun (after completing The Swampweed Harvest) or by choosing it as a reward after distributing weed in the New Camp.

Baal Tyon[edit]

Earthly Rewards
You only need to impress four of the five Baals, so feel free to choose the material rewards if you prefer.

Go to the New Camp and undertake the Canvassing of Customers from Baal Kagan. When he says you can choose your reward ask for his help joining the Brotherhood.

He will give you a Prepared Weed. Go back to the Sect Camp and hand it to Baal Tyron, who will be suitably impressed by it.

Baal Tondral[edit]

See New Souls for the Brotherhood.

Ghorim's Replacement[edit]

While exploring the camp you'll find a worker named Ghorim mashing ingredients. He says Marlok was meant to replace him, but instead is napping over by the weed store. Head on over there. Talk to Marlok and when all options have been exhausted you'll have to get physical. Beat him up (drop your Ore first if you think he's too tough for you), grab his weapon and loot his body. When he gets up again demand he go and help.

Now wait for Marlok to return. You can follow him back if you wish, but if you follow too closely he may fall off ladders or edges and die. Once he's safely back Baal Orun will commend you and reward you with an even harder task, collecting The Swampweed Harvest.

The Swampweed Harvest[edit]

Once you have found Ghorim's Replacement, Baal Orun will commend you and reward you with this quest. When he finishes talking, choose to "say nothing" (unlike Baal Tondral, him talking to you does not mean you have permission to talk back). Climb over the wall behind the mashers, or go around it. Directly past here you'll find Balorn and the workers under him. Talk to him and agree to pay 50 Ore for the name of the man who buys weed. This opens up Cipher as a trader in the New Camp.

Now head onwards around the coast. Don't follow too closely or the Barrier will kill you. Eventually you'll see some Bloodflies and Swampsharks (avoid both), and after that you'll see Viron and his men. He won't just give you the weed, however; he wants you to eliminate the Bloodflies first. There are two groups (one on the ground, one hovering over the water). Use the usual strategy of luring them away to pick them off. If you bring them close enough the pickers will help kill them. Be sure to grab their wings as they have a fairly good trade value.

Once both groups are eliminated tell Viron you don't see any Bloodflies and he should be happy, and gives you the weed and 500 EXP. If he insists there are still more within 20 paces, eliminate the Bloodflies just across the water; there's a Swampshark near there, so beware. The weed pickers aren't strong enough to kill it if you lead it back to them, and if they die you can't complete this quest!

Once you've eliminated the Bloodflies you can do this route on a daily basis to round up weed. You can either deliver this weed like you're supposed to or else sell it to your fence in the New Camp (if you paid to find out his name).

If you want to do the right thing, head to the temple area. Go upstairs onto the wooden platforms and look for Cor Kalom's alchemy lab. Deliver the weed to him for 250 EXP. Return to Baal Orun, who will commend you. After he finishes tell him about the delivery to earn a Sleep scroll. You need this to impress Baal Cadar (simply cast it on one of his pupils).

New Souls for the Brotherhood[edit]

100 XP for sadists
If you're feeling sadistic, knock poor Dusty unconscious before this quest, just don't kill him. If you paid your protection money, it'll easy because he has no armor. And because he's a level 10 character, you get 100 XP for it.

When you approach Baal Tondral he will talk about how your heart yearns for the truth and freedom from the lies of the ore barons (etc. etc. etc.). When he's finished preaching ask him if you can talk to him, and then ask him about loyalty. He asks you to find a new initiate.

To do this, head back near the entrance and find Melvin. He's a digger, so should be easy to spot. Talk to him until he mentions his friend, Dusty. Head on back to the Old Camp and convince Dusty to join you, netting you 250 EXP. Since he's leaving you might as well help him clean out his hut! The combination to his chest is R L L L and it contains 34 Ore, 3 Coins and 1 Razor. Once Dusty is gone you can use his hut as your own whenever you're in the Old Camp.

Dusty explains that he can't leave the camp because the guards know he wants to, but he might be able to if they were bribed. He says only those at the south gate can be bribed. Head there. Say you're out for a stroll. With your 100 Ore in his pocket, the guard will suffer from a brief memory lapse, leaving you with 250 EXP and the freedom to head to the Sect Camp.

If you wish to keep your 100 ore over the 250 exp just tell the guard its none of his business, run by him, and either keep running or lead him far away so noone sees and *kill him for extra rewards(*unconfirmed if he is invincible). He will forget the entire thing ever happened besides the usual "are you back for more trouble again" phrase when you talk to him.

Lead Dusty back to the Sect Camp and dump him in front of Baal Tondral, who will be impressed and award you with 500 EXP.

The Weed Monopoly[edit]


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This quest takes the place of The Big Thing of the Brotherhood if you joined the swamp camp. You have to deal with some weed mixers in the New Camp.

The New Camp[edit]

The New Camp

The home of the Rogues, Mercenaries, and the Magicians of Water, the New Camp is very different from all of the others. For one thing, no guards are there to break up fights or uphold the law, so feel free to do what you want, but if you really get in trouble, nobody will be there to help you out either.

Important people[edit]

Here's a run-down of people in the camp who matter:

The Rogues[edit]

  • Lares: Head of the Rogues, will train your strength and dexterity.
  • Mordrag: Takes you to the New Camp (if you didn't kill him in the Old Camp), report to him.
  • Wolf: Another Rogue, makes armor, teaches you how to use a bow, a merchant. Sell him your furs and skins.
  • Sharky: Another Merchant, pawn your unwanted junk here.
  • Buster: A friendly Rogue, teaches you the art of Acrobatics (a rather useful skill).
  • Wedge: Teaches you the arts of Thievery (Sneaking, Opening Locks, and Pickpocketing).
  • Shrike: An annoying guy. Beat him up and take his hut, so you have somewhere to rest, and store important items if you want.

The Mercenaries[edit]

  • Lee: Head of the Mercenaries, Trains your stats, can teach you to use two-handed weapons.
  • Gorn: A mercenary, becomes a major player later in the game, and definitely someone you don't want to mess with.
  • Cord: Teaches you how to use one handed weapons. (Advice: Definitely learn 1-h weapon skills from Cord instead of Scatty, as he is much cheaper.)

The Magicians of Water[edit]

  • Saturas: Head of the Water Mages, teaches you magic (Circles 1-5).
  • Cronos: Keeper of the Ore, and second in command of Saturas. Can teach you to increase your mana, and will sell you runes and spell scrolls.
  • Riordian: The Potion Maker. You can buy several nice potions off of him, including ones which permanently boost your stats.

Requirements for joining the new camp[edit]

Start the Test of Faith and deliver the list to Lares. After this, deliver the list to Diego. Do The Weed Merchant. Even though Lares says he doesn't care how you obtain Isidro's weed, just buying it or beating Isidro up and taking it won't suffice. He must give it to you. Once he has, you don't have to sell it. You just have to give Lares the 400 ore he wants, he doesn't care how you obtained that. In addition, you must have reached at least level 5. Now Lares will make you a rogue and tell you to talk to Mordrag. If you didn't come to the new camp with Mordrag, he just so happens to have just returned! Talk to Mordrag and he'll send you to Lester where the second chapter will be triggered.

If you joined the new camp, you can enter the castle in the old camp by delivering a letter as a courier of the magicians of water.

Note: it appears to be possible to join the new camp with a different combination of (side)quests for the new camp. At least, after delivering the list to Lares, bringing it back to Diego isn't always needed to join the new camp. However, it's currently unclear exactly which (side)quests for the new camp count towards you being able to join and how many need to be completed. You will at least have to do (part of) Thorus' Quest or the Test of Faith because you need either Mordrag's ring or the list from the old mine to be allowed to see Lares at all.

The Weed Merchant[edit]

There are two Baals in the New Camp, much like there are two Baals in the Old Camp, except that these two don't seem to work together as well as the other group, and they're reduced to nothing more than swampweed merchants.

First, talk to Baal Kagan, who is next to the pot on the left side of the New Camp. Talk to him about there being two weed merchants in the New Camp and he'll comment on how Baal Isidro, his other, is very uncooperative and may be reported to Cor Kalom.

Approach Silas' Bar and the Bouncers should try to get rid of you. You can bribe them for top gold and they'll let you in, for now, and you may even be able to sneak talk to the person sitting on the left side of the entrance if you can get close enough, but this quest has a better solution. Only Scrapers and Rogues can enter the bar. Walk the path around the New Camp, through the mountains, to the Free Mine. On the middle level, opposite side of the entrance, talk to the Scraper named Swiney: tell him you want to become a Scraper and that you have experience. He'll give you a low-level armor called Digger's Dress, which makes you a Scraper. Returning to the bar, the Bouncers will stop you again, but now you can tell them that you're a scraper and can get it. This is the first of many pieces of "free armor" you'll be getting.

Anyway, to the immediate left of the entrance is Baal Isidro, sitting facing the corner. He's supposed to be selling weed like his friend Baal Kagan but he spends his days and nights in the bar drinking Rice Schnapps, and sounds very bored when you ask him to show his goods. Talk to him about letting you sell his weed, buy him a beer after he refuses, then restate your proposition and tell him that Baal Kagan may be reporting him for being lazy. He'll more than happily give you the weed then, and tell you that you two will split the profit. The combined sum of swampweed Isidro gives you should be worth 400 ore, and can be sold off anywhere for that price. Once you've sold all the swampweed off, return to Baal Isidro and he'll take his cut.

Until you talk to Baal Kagan about him, Isidro will not give you his weed and you will wait at the turn after buying him a beer until you do. You don't get experience for completing this quest until you've sold off his weed and given him his 200 ore.

Focus for the Gurus[edit]

You will be tipped-off to this mission by Lester, standing in his usual spot. He'll force-talk to you when you pass near.

Inside the temple, Y'Berion will cryptically say that he "knows your face," which you will say is impossible, before giving you your first assignment: the Sect Camp requires a specimen of the artifacts that were used in the original barrier creation known as Focus Stones to contact the Sleeper. The location of one such Focus was noted and the novice called Nyras - you might have tried to talk to him before: rude guy on the right path from the entrance - was sent to retrieve it, but he hasn't returned. You are asked to go to the location, as indicated on a nice map he gives you, and find out what happened.

The area is actually RIGHT ABOVE the temple you should be exiting now, but there is no way to directly reach it without leaving the Sect Camp. Follow that path leaving the camp until you come to the forest and a fork in the road. Take the fork right, with the forest to your left and a wall to your right, all the way around, until you pass (or fight) a group of Scavengers. After that group, hang right and you will come to a cliff eventually, where you will see a stone pedestal on the ground and a Sect Camper standing behind it. This "stone pedestal" is the usual and original dais used for the Focus Stones, and the "Sect Camper" behind it is Nyras.

When you approach the pedestal, Nyras will hail you. He says he has the Focus Stone with him but that he received a vision from the Sleeper that is self-glorifying and ... the short of it is that he's not giving the Focus to you and will now attack you on sight until you beat him down or kill him. It doesn't matter whether you just stun him and steal all of his precious things, especially the Focus Stone, or kill him and loot the corpse; no one seems to care either way, which is terribly sad. Nyras, if you don't kill him, goes onto live a very lonely life as a hermit on the cliff, frequently running away from you whenever you approach him, and never picking-up any interesting dialogue. Once, he was so scared of my approach, that he ran right off the cliff and dashed himself from the game on the temple courtyard floor.

Return to the Sect Camp and give the Focus Stone to Y'Berion. Y'Berion will, in turn, ask you to deliver it to Cor Kalom in his alchemy laboratory. Doing so will complete the quest and open-up Kalom's dialogue for the next quest.

An interesting thing to be noted is that Y'Berion and Cor Kalom will accept any of the Focus Stones for the completion of this quest, only that the cliff-side Focus Stone happens to be the easiest to retrieve and is actually just the intended quest solution. There are no triggers except returning to Y'Berion with a Focus Stone in your inventory. Because "all" the Focus Stones are loaded into memory at the start of the game and can be retrieved by a combination of aggro-abuse, transformation scrolls (Meatbug), and Telekinesis scrolls, it might be possible to grabbing all five before even starting chapter two.

Secretion of the Minecrawlers[edit]

After you give Cor Kalom the focus, he will tell you that the Sleeper has told him he needs a stronger secretion from the Minecrawlers in order to contact the sleeper. He will tell you that the answers could lie in the Old Mine. If you voice your concern of this becoming "quite a bloody adventure", Kalom will give you healing potions. If you voice your concern of this being "a dark and sinister kind of search", he'll give you Light scrolls. Whichever one you pick, you probably want to obtain both. Baal Cadar sells light scrolls. Now go to the Old Mine.

Apparently the minecrawler mandibles don’t contain a strong enough secretion to contact the Sleeper, so you must find the alternative. Once you get to the Old Mine, you should see some templars standing outside. One of them, Gor na Drak, will teach you how to get the mandibles from the minecrawlers. Do this, minecrawler mandibles will come in handy later.

Once you get inside the old mine, Drake, one of the Guards, will stop you and tell you about the mine. If you give him a beer, he will tell you a couple of tips about fighting the crawlers.

Anyway, head to main shaft, do all the sidequests if you haven't done them already, and then talk to Ian. He will tell you that their masher broke down and he needs a new gearwheel. He tells you that he's clueless about where to get a new one, but suggests you try a sideshaft with a broken masher.

Head over to the bottom of the mine, but detour to a small passageway with one guard standing in front of it. There should be two ladders and a giant machine with three crawlers standing around it. On the ground is the gear in question. Note that it may be difficult to exit this room using the ladders, so instead jump over to the rock entrance from the wooden platforms. Give the gear back to Ian.

At the bottom of the mine shaft, head over to the area with the massive gate and talk to the person next to the winch, Brandick. He'll open the gate for you, but only if you call a few of the Templars - Gor Na Bar, Gor Na Vid, and Gor Na Kosh - over to help defend him when the gate is open. Simply go back through the mine, find the three named Templars, and ask them to accompany you during the gate opening. When they're all gathered near the gate, ask Brandick to step aside and you can activate the winch.

Almost immediately, Minecrawlers will spawn right at the entrance of the new-opened chamber. Kill what you can - the Templars are very proficient and you may not get experience for their kills. If you have Light scrolls, use one now, because the interior of the chamber is difficult to navigate as dark as it naturally is. After killing numerous Minecrawlers while spelunking the darkened passages, you should come to an end-chamber with a rather tall, rather stationary Minecrawler - this is the queen. Kill her and grab the eggs around her at the floor.

Return to Cor Kalom and give him some of the eggs (he won't take the them all) to complete the quest. Additionally, you can go report to Raven (if you joined the Old Camp) or Mordrag (if you joined the New Camp) with some eggs still in your inventory and it will sound like you're being a dog-in-the-manger to the Sect Camp and not giving them any! Talk about playing both sides of the fence.

Cor Kalom will offer you a reward and let you choose a category, but won't reveal what you get until you've chosen:

Take the mana potion, the life potion won't do you as much good and everything else is widely available from merchants and other places.

If you joined the old camp, you can now choose between becoming a guard or a fire magician.


Although he now has the Focus and the stronger secretion from the eggs, Cor Kalom will still complain that there are things missing. Namely, the Novice Talas was supposed to retrieve a book called the Almanac from the Old Camp, needed for the invocation. On his return trip, he was mugged by Black Goblins who stole the book from him.

You will find Talas on the temple grounds, near the entrances. He's usually in the company of two other nameless Novices, talking. Ask Talas about the Almanac and ask him to guide you to where he was mugged so you can retrieve the book. He'll guide you out of the Sect Camp, up the hill, and to a beach area where there are/were Lizards and a rope bridge. Talas will tell you that the Black Goblins live on the other side of the rope bridge and that he only came along as a guide and for "spiritual support."

The Almanac quest is one of the more difficult early quests you will receive, all because of these pesky Goblins. Just across the bridge, about ten Black Goblins lay in wait to attack you when you get close enough and it is hard to knock them unbalanced to chain attacks, especially when multiple ones charge you at once, as will happen. You can lure the bridge-side Black Goblins away in small groups or individually if you play carefully, making this part of the quest easier, but, once inside the cave on the other side of the bridge, there is no luring. As soon as you enter the cave and begin fighting one Black Goblin, EVERY Black Goblin in the cave will make a beeline for your position. You may be able to break-up their group by running back out and trying to cross the bridge, losing their interest, but this quest should prove difficult either way.

The book is in a chest in the furthest right chamber of the small cave system. Once you have the Almanac, report back to Talas, return to the Sect Camp with him, and he'll tell you to report to Cor Kalom with the book.

Orc Cemetery[edit]

After the Great Invocation fails, go up to the pedestal where Y'Berion has collapsed and talk to Cor Angar. Learn everything you can from Cor Angar and he will eventually give you this quest. There was a party sent on ahead of your character to the Orc Cemetery, the location that may have been shown to you in the vision, but there has been no contact since; you are to go and contact them to report back. Talas will be your guide again, so go down to the temple courtyard and talk with Talas about going to the Orc Cemetery. Talas will lead you back up the hill again, towards the place where he was mugged in Almanac, but detour at the last second and head for a second bridge across the waters to your sharp left. He won't accompany any further.

Never meant to survive
If you are VERY quick to kill the orcs, you can actually save the templers in the Orc Cemetery. But they won't be able to speak to you. They were meant to fall.

Across the bridge you will encounter a group of Biters and, beyond them, some Orc Hunters and a fallen Templar. You'll find many fallen Templars and, were the route inside the cemetery not so linear, I would recommend you follow the corpses to the end. Head towards the caves and use the winch to open the wooden gate and head into the Orc cemetery. (read: catacombs) You will find about 10 Orc Scouts in the cemetery.

In the first burial chamber you enter, you'll find a bunch of mummies in the alcoves. Treat the mummies like chests. There are four barred alcoves. The one on your left is unlocked with a switch in the alcove directly above it. Another alcove on the left wall has a switch, this unlocks one of the barred alcoves on the right wall. This unlocked alcove contains a switch inside for another locked alcove, and that one likewise contains a switch inside for the last locked one. You will also find some artifacts on these mummies. For a complete list, see Getting good gear.

Loot the corpses of the fallen Templars and follow the route around a corner to find Baal Lukor fighting a number of Orcs. Help Baal Lukor fight his Orcs and learn that he is the last of the first party that came to the cemetery. He will follow YOU around now and suggest you examine the three connecting chambers to the one you are currently in. The forward-right chamber descends to a room where there are a number of Orcs waiting for you to fight. Head into the darkened shallow cave in that area and find the switch on the wall on the left wall. This lifts the grating and, beyond that, you will discover half of a torn parchment. Return to the original chamber you found Baal Lukor and search the forward-right chamber to discover lots of skeletons and the other half of the torn parchment. Back in the original chamber, Baal Lukor will come to a realization that the runes drawn on the walls of this chamber can help him decipher the completed parchment - it is a teleportation scroll that must be used in a specific place.

Now follow the left-most path (the fancy one) and you will come to a chamber where an Orc Warrior stands guard in the center. The Orc Warrior is probably going to be a tough fight regardless of how you handle him. Off to the wings of the room are Orc Scouts. Once clear, head all the way into the room and Baal Lukor will claim that this chamber looks muhc like the one in the vision, then head over to a closed-off tunnel that was originally on the right side of the room and claim that this must be the place where the teleportation scrolls is to be used. Correction: this is the place where you will use the teleportation scroll.

On the other side of the door, use the winch to lower to door, and get Baal Lukor to start following you again. The left tunnel contains herbs for healing. The path ahead of you leads to a dark tomb where a skeleton is impaled on an altar with a sword. Baal Lukor will apparently go mad and attack you. You don't need to kill him or even beat him up if you don't want to. Once you're done here, head back out of the cemetery and go back down to the Sect Camp to report to Cor Angar. You've found no Sleeper and everything rests on Y'Berion waking up.

Medicinal Herbs for Y'Berion[edit]

Talk to Cor Angar to learn that Y'Berion has not yet woken up and, since the cemetery idea failed, he is their only hope for salvation. He'll ask you collect a variety of medicinal herbs in the swamp (eight leaves, four green and four orange) to be used to help awaken Y'Berion. The herbs you need to collect are in the back of the swamp, where the swampsharks are prowling. Search around long enough and you should find them all - even if you have "Healing Herbs" that look like eight leaves, four green and four orange, in your inventory already, these five items will become a unique stack. The bloodflies should be no trouble for you at this stage of the game but beware of the swampsharks.

Once you have all five herbs, return to Cor Angar.

Escape Plan of the New Camp[edit]

Well, there's no nice way of saying it. Y'Berion is dead. Even though he seems to writher. And his "corpse" will eventually be moved to the right-most chamber in the temple for some inexplicable reason. But enough of that.

Cor Angar will announce that with Cor Kalom having run away with a bunch of Templars and abandoning the village like he did, and the failure of the Sleeper's contact, Y'Berion placed all his hopes on the New Camp's escape plan. He'll give you the key to the chest in Cor Kalom's laboratory - the right one that can't be unlocked otherwise - so you can take the Focus Stone and the Almanac to the Water Mages.

Note that Cor Kalom's bodyguard is oblivious to what's happening, even when it's happening to his "master." Likewise, a few Sect Campers, notably Lester, will continue to greet with "Awaken!" regardless of their new opinion that the "Sleeper" is really some kind of demon. In my guess, that's a big leap of logic for the former Sect Camp members who devote themselves to the Sleeper.

In my humble opinion, it and future references to the "demon" rather ruin what would or could have been a very revealing and dramatic conversation with the banished Orc shaman much later.

Grab the Focus Stone and the Almanac and head over to the New Camp. Past Lee's cave is the Water Mages's grotto, but the Mercenaries for the grotto won't let you past until you give the password. Save the trouble of guessing and go down to the ore mound and talk to Cronos. Mention Y'Berion's death and you will be told to talk to Saturas, the leader of the Water Mages; Cronos will give you the password to get past the Mercenaries. When you are to repeat it to the guards, the game will intentionally try to screw you up by giving you slight misspellings of the password alongside the real one, but make sure to give the one Cronos said.

Saturas is in the large imposing entrance at the back, beyond Nefarious. Talk to Saturas, give him the Focus Stone and Almanac, and the mission's over. You can auto-begin the next mission just by choosing the correct dialogue options.

Search for the Focus Stones[edit]

Saturas will instruct you to find the other four Focus Stones, as all five will be needed to bring down the barrier. He'll give you a map of the previous locations of the Focus Stones - where they were initially set to create the barrier - and theorize that they must still be somewhere nearby. For whatever reason, there is a nifty irregular, inverted pentagram drawn on the map indicating where the Stones were by its five points. Also, Saturas will give you a scroll that will teleport you directly to his chamber in the Water Mages's grotto (the scroll is worth no ore). And off you go.

Whenever you return to Saturas's chamber and you have used the teleport scroll, he will give you another. You can return to Saturas for every stone, or collect several stones before returning. After you deliver the last stone, Aid of the Magicians of Fire will start in which you'll be given a rune (no magic circle required) that does the same thing, so don't try saving that teleport scroll for later.

For simplicity's sake, as far as navigation is concerned, the upside-down pentagram on the map you were given is useful as a guide:

All Focus Stones are in place prior to the triggering of this mission AND can be retrieved at any time, usually via the use of some Telekinesis scrolls, supplementing what scrolls you'd get at the site, during this mission (see specific Focus Stone missions for details).

Focus in the Troll Canyon[edit]

This Focus Stone is represented by the upper-left point of the pentagram on the map Saturas gave you. The path up to this area is found beyond Drax and his buddy. There are Snappers up this path so be careful when fighting them. As a general note, Snappers seem to have a rough collision box so, even if you managed to kill the wolves in their small den behind you by climbing the nearby stumped tree after goading them then raining down death with a bow or crossbow, don't expect that to work here. The Snappers here can clip up the side of the stump just enough to hurt you eventually, or knock you off.

At the top of the path, head left and you will find Diego. Talk with him to learn that he's here exploring but there are a bunch of problems up head. The first problems you will find are a group of Black Goblins with spiked clubs. Let Diego run up to them first and attract their attention. That should make it easier for them to be dispatched, even despite their tendency to dart around quickly. There REAL problem Diego referred to is just beyond the goblins, namely an adult Troll. Diego says that he will distract the Troll while you work on how to defeat it. Both Diego and the Troll are immortal so they can wack each other as many times as they want without causing damage to each other. On the ground where the Black Goblins were crowded is a skeleton with two scrolls - one is a personal statement which will indicate how to defeat the Troll and the other is a Shrink Monster spell scroll that will help you defeat the Troll. Just the scroll while the monster in question is distracted and it will begin to shrink; when it is fully shrunken, the Troll can easily be dispatched.

On the right wall of the canyon, above on a ledge, you'll be able to see the place where the Focus Stone should be located, but the entrance below it that should lead up to the platform in shtu with a gate. There is a winch in the canyon, near which Diego will have moved after the Troll is dead. The winch is initially jammed, but Diego says that he should fix it and make it usable. Open the gate and climb the winding cave until you reach the summit where the Focus Stone is ... and where the Harpies are waiting. Harpies will spawn below, as well, where Diego was waiting and he will engage those. You might be able to lead your group of Harpies down to his group and get them mixed-up and fight amongst themselves or all focus their attention on Diego, who will, at this point, be sniping at them with his bow and arrow. If you plan to fight them, remember that Harpies have weaker arrow defense (10) than they do normal weapons defense (50) and magic defense (50), but their weakest is against fire (0).

Grab the Focus Stone and you're done.

It is possible to completely avoid the entire ordeal. All you need is a potion of sprint (helpful, but not necessary) and a scroll of telekinesis or two. Run past the Black Goblins and the Troll to the other side of the canyon where the winch is located (jammed). Jump onto the winch if you can. Ready the Telekinesis spell and look at the platform where the Focus Stone should be located - you should be able to highlight the stone and use the Telekinesis to draw it off the ledge, at the least. Go pick it up and run away. You can perform this trick at any point in the game.

For 2000 experience, I recommend using the Scroll of Shrink Monster on the Troll and killing it even if you aren't running the mission with Diego, and even if you feel greedy when you see the price tag attached to the scroll. If you kill it now, then another Troll will be spawned during the ULU-MULU mission later, and you can kill it for another 2000 experience. Considering the price, even if you have to buy the second Shrink Monster scroll for the other Troll, that's still almost as much in experience as the cost in ore. Rather decent trade-off, in other words.

Focus in the Monastery Ruins[edit]

There are a variety of ways to reach the monastery region so I'll leave the navigation up to you. It is represented by the upper-right point of the pentagram on the map Saturas will give you. When you reach a place where a ravine is crossed by a log and there is a path leading down to your right, you'll encounter Gorn. Talk with him some and you'll learn that he wants to explore the monastery ruins himself; before that, he wants to check out the path to the right, just in case something is waiting in ambush. Tell him you shoudl explore together. Follow him (or lead, eh) down the path to the right and you'll find it passes through the aforementioned ravine. There are Snappers down here, so take them out and proceed through the cave at the other side under you come to the chest. Inside the chest you'll find, amongst other things, Transform into Meatbug scrolls, and you will be needing them soon.

Head back up to the top of the ravine and begin crossing over the log, coming onto the other side where a pack of Snappers will be descend upon you and Gorn. Go around the corner to find the locked gate that leads into the monastery, and a winch beyond that. Gorn will comment that the only creatures who have been able to get past the gate for years have been the meatbugs (there's two of them crawling around at your feet). Ignoring the stupidity of the visitors this monastery has seen in the past few years, use a scroll of Transform into Meatbug and pass through the small crack in the wall to the right of the gate. When you reach the other side, press Enter to cancel the spell. Use the winch to open the gate and talk to Gorn again, but don't try to access the winch as a Meatbug - that will cause a minor action lock-up that isn't easy to escape.

If you wasted your transform into meatbug scrolls or prefer to save them for another occasion, there are some rocks/structure right of the crack that you can use to parkour your way into the monastery ruins.

Gorn will probably, unintentionally, make you fight the park of Snappers in the courtyard (how did they survive in here for years?) and, when done, head towards a cave near the back left wall. More Snappers and a Shadowbeast at the end. Use the door in the wall at the end and open the chests to find the Focus Stone.

Once you come back out, you and Gorn will encounter a young troll. Unlike his grown-up form, you can kill a young troll just by hacking away at him. Magic also works very well. Once you're done killing, Gorn will tell you that he is going to hang around the monastery a bit. You can go on to your next adventure.

The stepped cliffs near the back of the area can be climbed to reach a platform with a lone pillar and another platform across a gap. The column can be interacted with, so you might think you can push the column down to create a bridge, but in fact you can only push it from behind (which will make it fall the wrong way). You can jump the gap easily if you have acrobatics; if not, don't worry; the chest contains nothing of value.

Focus in the Mountain Fort[edit]

This Focus Stone is represented by the bottom-most point of the pentagram on the map Saturas gave you. Getting there is another story. There are two convenient ways that avoid crossing into Orc territory. The first is to climb the rock wall behind the Old Camp, where the ground dips to a pack of Biters, the path that Pacho warns you about leading into Orc territory. After climbing, you'll come to a ledge with Blood Hounds around the corner; above, further up he narrow path, is a look-out fort where you will find two or three Orcs standing guard. You should be able to take them by this point, and there aren't many. Behind the otherwise uneventful fort (for now ...) is a bridge that leads over a yawning chasm, to another mountain path where there are a number of Blood Hounds.

Going straight, beyond the Blood Hounds, and beyond an intersection, is another bridge, one with a Stone Golem on it. The Golem won't bother you until you step out onto the bridge. You can destroy the it for 1500 experience with a hammer or you can rush past him across the bridge or having climbed on the railing you can walk across safely.

If you start from the Sect Camp, however, there is another way to reach the Mountain Fortress: follow the path leading from the Sect Camp to the area where the beaches and the bridges are. Follow the trail over the beach area, past a number of Lizards, and (right) around the rocks until you come to a path in what appears to be barren land. There are Blood Hounds on this path and the path itself connects to the aforementioned intersection. Turn left to see the bridge and the Stone Golem.

At the base of the other side of the bridge, you will run into Lester. Exchanging greetings, he will mention wanting to explore the Mountain Fort now above you along the path to find an once-expensive contract that may regain its price once the barrier falls; if you agree to help him/get him to accompany you/etc., you will lead up the path, around, and to the courtyard outside the fort itself.

There are three levels to the Mountain Fort and all three of those levels are infested with Harpies. Against the mountain is a ledge-d area that is too high to climb. If you proceed into the Fort and take the left path, you will find a store room and, down the hall, a library. In the library, you can find a very obvious switch on the wall; activating it opens a secret room that is swarming with attacking skeletons. From the entrance, through the right passage, is a large chamber with a ladder leading up. Lester will automatically say that he will check upstairs and that you should continue to search the lower level, but there is nothing stopping you from climbing the ladder after him as soon as you get there. The second floor will have access to the third floor via another ladder across the room, but the ladder is positioned too low to get onto the roof at the top (you'll just fall back to the second floor). Follow Lester out onto a balcony where there is a specially-locked chest. If you talk to him, and you both respectively say that you didn't find anything, Lester will very obviously indicate that you will find something in the library downstairs. And you will find something in the library downstairs. The something is a key and that key opens he specially-locked chest next to Lester, containing the deed. If you give the deed to Lester, he'll give you a Scroll of Telekinesis, and say he is planning to stay here a bit longer.

By now you will have already noticed that you can see the Focus Stone platform and the Focus Stone on it from the balcony Lester is on, but there is no direct route there. If you haven't yet, there you go. Since you were given a Scroll of Telekinesis, that is the "recommended" means of completing this mission - manipulating the Focus until it is off the pedestal and falls to the ground below. HOWEVER, and while it may seem impossible, you CAN reach the ledge where the Focus is by jumping off the balcony at its furthest, landing on the ledge at its closest corner, and avoiding bumping into the mountain wall on your right. Acrobatics may help, as can potions for sprinting.

Finally, as to the Harpies that plague this area, a ranger with a bow or crossbow will most likely have an easier time taking them as opposed to a warrior or a mage (not to say that neither a warrior nor a mage would be able to hold their own ...). A Harpy has a lower tolerance for arrows and bolts (10) than for other weapons (50) or magic (50), unless of course, you use fire (0) in which case you should note that one Harpy has (200) health and you will be harassed by at least three Harpies at a time, even if you have Lester as a decoy. Prepare to burn through a few potions, yon mage and yon warrior.

Focus under the Ring of Stone[edit]

The easiest way to get to the Ring of Stone is to start from the entrance of the New Camp, where you and Mordrag parted ways after Thorus' Quest. From there, there should be a mountain trail leading off beyond the entrance gate, going over the right side of the nearby lake, and around behind the rocks of the beach on the other side. If you proceed along this path, you will find some Snappers living in a cave just off the trail at one point, so I suggest taking caution. On the other hand, you can swim across the lake to the beach area, but you have to watch-out for the Lurker(s), the Bloodflies, and the park of Biters on the other side. The benefit of the mountain trail is that you can approach Milton before you stumble onto the area where the Focus Stone is.

Oh, yes: the Ring of Stone is represented by the lower-left point of the pentagram on the map Saturas will give you.

In either case, somewhere close to the mountains on the other side, you will encounter Milton of the Fire Mages slaying a Blood Hound. You can help or let him finish it off on his own. Talking to him, he will mention a crypt nearby that he was going to explore, and a protected Orc Talisman, as well as a curse that has trapped one of the last people who tried to pilfer the talisman as an invincible undead zombie called the Warden. If you agree to go and explore the crypt with him, Milton will give you a scroll of Death to the Undead. Death to the Undead is the ONLY way to kill one of the creatures in the crypt.

Follow Milton over to the altar of stone and where the entrance that leads down to the crypt is located. Milton will tell you to lead on. First, you will fight the many many skeletons of the crypt, but you can make this easier by drawing them out of the crypt and running around the entrance until they lose sight of you. You can walk right up behind them and get a few good swipes on one before they all turn to chase you again. Rinse and repeat. No one ever said that the undead were smart. Milton will also help, of course, but don't expect him to hunt them out if there's all outside the entrance and he's waiting inside. No one ever said that Milton was smart. Once the skeletons are either killed, or moved out of the way, go after the Warden with the scroll of Death to the Undead. The Warden has the Orc Talisman desired by Milton and he will retrieve it from you after you pick it up yourself; the chest next to the Warden has the Focus Stone in it.

If you're not here with Milton, just aggro the Warden out of the crypt (slower than molasses) and grab the items in the chest while he's away.

Aid of the Magicians of Fire[edit]

You get this quest from Saturas before Banishment from the Old Camp. You will start this quest after delivering all the Focus Stones to Saturas.

With all five Focus Stones and the Almanac, Saturas is prepared to blow the ore mound and destroy the ore mound, but he needs the help of the Magicians of Fire. You are asked to go to the Old Camp and try and get the Fire Magicians on their side. He'll tell you to talk to Corristo, leader of the Mages of Fire, and attempt to convince them to contribute to the efforts of the water mages. He'll give you a teleport rune that will teleport the user to his chamber to give to Corristo, as a sign of Saturas's trust.

This quest is padded with journal entries that involve learning more about the collapse of the Old Mine, the securing of the Old Camp's gates, the murdering of the Magicians of Fire, and how Gomez plans to raid the Free Mine, and so forth. You will learn about these topics from Milton and Diego, respectively watching the North and South gates of the Old Camp.

When you report back to Saturas, the quest ends with a completion, even though you've delivered nothing, though your banishment from the Old Camp quest will continue for some time...

Additionally, with the information you learn from Diego - initiating The Meeting - you can tell Lester about the murder of the Magicians of Fire.

Banishment from the Old Camp[edit]

Breaking and entering the old camp before chapter 4[edit]

Before delivering the last focus stone, you can go to the old camp and murder everyone but Scorpio. Or at least take their weapons. You don't have to, but this will make your life significantly easier later on. Note that some guards near the gates, Stone, Thorus, Gomez (and some others) are immortal. If you can, at least take down any unnamed guards and shadows who aren't immortal.

There are a few possible strategies depending on your abilities. Whichever you pick, you will probably need to leave a few times to replenish your health and stop everyone from attacking you.

  • If you joined the old camp, use a melee weapon and beat everyone up without killing them. Take their weapons. Guards who run around like idiots trying to jump-kick you are much less of a threat than arrows!
  • Summon skeletons.
  • Lure orcs into the old camp.
  • Go at night. Enter every hut and kill the inhabitant with a powerful (cross)bow and one or two arrows at point-blank range, real hitman style. Training helps, more dexterity than needed for your bow does not. This is much quicker than dramatically killing them with a melee weapon. Since you're killing them, you don't actually need to take their weapons. (unless you need the money) Jackal has a heavy crossbow, Scar has the [[Crossbow of War.

Breaking and entering the old camp in chapter 4[edit]

If you attempt to break into the Old Camp after this quest (chapter 4) has been triggered, for any reason, RESIST. You will be going into the Old Camp and cleaning the place out later. Focus on a single goal only - looting the Magicians of Fires's corpses and looting Gomez's stash, if you hadn't done that before - then teleport out of there. The only means available to you are Transform into Meatbug scrolls to get past the gates and simply dashing past Thorus into the castle (Potions of Sprint will help). Another avenue will open for you later as part of the main quest.


When you head to the Old Camp to deliver the rune and the message to the Mages of the Circle of Fire you'll see a strange sight: both gates are shut and heavily guarded. If you approach they'll say you can't come in, and, if you were a member of the Old Camp (regardless of whether you were a Guard or a Magician of Fire) they denounce you as a traitor and chase after you.

It isn't too difficult to outrun them. Go around to the rear gate until you see Diego. He explains the situation: the Old Mine collapsed when water got in. Gomez, desperate to maintain the constant supply of ore to the outside world that is crucial to his easygoing life, decided to launch an attack on the Free Mine and seized it, killing everyone there. When the Magicians of Fire opposed this plan they were executed.

Diego wants you to track down three others to have what he calls "the meeting", which takes place in an undisclosed location. This quest is optional, so it doesn't matter if you can't find all three.

All you can do is head back to the Magicians of Water and tell them the bad news. They'll let you join their camp (if you were a Guard, join the Mercenaries. If you were a Magician of Fire, join the Magicians of Water). With no other choice available, Saturas will send you to find Xardas the Necromancer.

Xardas the Necromancer[edit]

Upon being denied entrance to the Old Camp, the Magicians of Fire are dead anyway, talk to Saturas and press on him for alternatives. He will explain that there was a forgotten thirteenth sorcerer who helped create the barrier, but he broke off contact from the other mages, now dabbles in necromancy and owns a tower somewhere in the Orc Lands.

First, if you were a member of the Old Camp you can now join the New Camp. Join the Magicians of Water if you were a Magician of Fire, or the Mercenaries if you were a Guard. To join the mercenaries, talk to Lee on the dam. He tells you his story and gives you the Mercenary's Armor (Weapons 55 Arrows 10 Fire 25) and can also sell you the Heavy Mercenary's Armor (Weapons 55 Arrows 10 Fire 25) for 2100 Ore. If you have the Ore, be sure to buy it. If you joined the Magicians of Water you get a free Water Robe (Weapons 65 Arrows 5 Fire 40 Magic 15). Again, 2100 Ore will get you a Heavy Robe of Water (Weapons 70 Arrows 10 Fire 45 Magic 20). Be sure to buy it.

Normally, I prefer a method of doing things as the challenge comes to you, so I will put this as a spoiler:

It doesn't matter how you infiltrate the Orc territories. Technically, you had already done that twice, though the only time that should count now is the Ring of Stone and you passed over/skirted past a portion of the territories when you went to the mountain fort. The unofficial entrance to the territories next to the Old Camp results in no different treatment from the last time, unless you were kicked-out of the Old Camp and therefore are a "kill-on-sight" target. The path that Pacho warns you against leads directly through a considerably large pack of Biters and dumps you into the territory surrounded by Orc Fighters, Warriors, Scouts, and more Biters. From the Ring of Stone you can go back towards a group of look-out towers patrolled by Orc Fighters, Biters, and Razors (super-Snappers); going east from the Ring of Stone is equivalent to climbing over the rocks at any time on the path leading to the New Camp. To the west of the Orc territories is the Orc Camp, a quaint place where, if you approach haphazardly, you will be trampled upon by literally a hundred ornery Orcs.

If you enter the territory and head towards the south-east region, you should see a foreboding tower in the distance and it is there you should head. There are two ways to the tower - a jump onto a ledge where some Fire Lizards are waiting to the west, or a climb through a narrow mountain pass where golems or various kinds are waiting, to the east. There is an Stone Golem, an Ice Golem, and, around the bend, a Fire Golem, before you see the front door to Xardas' tower.

The first level of the tower is not very interesting, except for the chests and the Lesser Demon. Oh, and there is a Lesser Demon. As you approach the monster it will force-dialog you and, after you've learned that Little Timmy has fallen down the well, you can get the Demon to let it see its master once you've completed a "test of faith." The trial is cryptic but easily rephrased as: kill Golems, get hearts, give hearts. After you're done, you should give the hearts to the Lesser Demon and it will give you a teleport rune which will take you ... one level up. The chests in this room are yours to pick through. Climb another level, cross over into the other tower and you will find the thirteenth magician reading from a book to your left. I, for one, expected to fight Xardas. Or his Lesser Demon. Or him AND his Lesser Demon. Whatever.

Xardas talks with you about all that has transpired and tells you that the Magicians of Water's plan to detonate the ore mound to crash the barrier is not the solution. He tells you about The Banished Orc Shaman who is crucial to finding the Sleeper and/or solving the problem of the barrier's existence. I liked his point about how no one cared about the barrier spell malfunctioning but they either put emphasis either on living with it or breaking it.

The Banished Orc Shaman[edit]

After you're done talking to Xardas, he sends you to go find the Orc Shaman, Ur-Shak. To do this, first leave Xardas's Tower, then head back towards the way you came from, until you come to a mountain with a sloping path leading up.

The citadel ruins

Follow this path up the mountain until you come to a fortress, the citadel ruins. Kill the Orc Hunters who come at you, then keep hugging the wall until you come to the courtyard of the ruined citadel. Here you will see Orc Temple Warriors (these guys are tough) attacking another orc, Ur-Shak, the guy you were supposed to find.

Help Ur-Shak take out these Orcs. No hurry, Ur-Shak is immortal. Then talk to him. He will explain the Sleeper (whom he calls "KRUSHAK") to you, and will tell you how to find him, a temple in the Orc City. There are dozens of orcs here, meaning certain death should you try to approach it without a plan, and since Ur-Shak is banished, he can't help you out.

He will explain to you, however, that there is a way. You should seek out his friend Tarrok who is imprisoned in the mine "Under the village in Hollow". This guy will make you an ULU-MULU, a sign of respect among Orcs. In case you can't figure it out, the "village in Hollow" is the New Camp. Hollow is probably Orc for "cave", and the New Camp is located in a cave. So head over to the Free Mine where Gorn will be waiting for you, and begin your next quest.

Search for the ULU-MULU[edit]

Orc genocide
If you are skilled with ranged weapons you can climb onto the cliffs far beyond the Orc village to eventually get to a vantage point above it. From here you can kill the Orcs without any danger. This gives you a large amount of XP, and no, Ur-Shak and Xardas won't care.

Once Ur-Shak tells you about the ULU-MULU, teleport back to Xardas and report to him; then teleport back to Saturas. Riordan is in the room with him and will tell you to go speak with Gorn around the bend leading towards the Free Mine. Talk to Gorn and learn that they've been waiting for you to lead the strike to recapture the Free Mine; agree to help, and he tells you that Wolf wants to talk with you before you go. Wolf says that he's discovered a new way to create armor using the shell plates of the minecrawlers in the Free Mine. Whether you agree or disagree with him has no bearing on the over-all quest - save the Free Mine - but you may want to take him up on his offer for the Minecrawler's Plate Armor he's going to make. It just means, at worst, you'll be fighting half a dozen more minecrawlers.

Return to Gorn and you both will set out on your own. After fighting some Razors in the clearing before the mine, Gorn will give you a key to the storage shed and tell you to clear out the front while he watches your back. The Free Mine exterior is strewn with the corpses of its entire population. Feel free to loot the corpses; a 96 damage two-handed axe can be gotten from the corpse of Okyl. Down at the base of the path, near the gate to the mine, is Jackal and two Guards. You must defeat them to proceed (remember to actually kill them using melee, rather than just knock them out; they won't stop fighting, even after you beat them up and steal their weapons). Jackal has a Heavy Crossbow worth taking. Once they're killed, saved the game, go over to the supply shed and use the winch inside to open the mine gates. If the winch is jammed (glitch), reload and try it again. If you still can't use the winch, you will have to Marvin Mode your way past the mine gate.

Once you enter the mine, you'll be in for a real fight. Most of the guards have Light Crossbows and will snipe at you from a distance, rather than run up and engage you in melee. Personally, I recommend handling the entire Free Mine in turn - use a bow or crossbow yourself. The benefits of fighting from a distance is that, at point-blank range, crossbows are almost unerringly accurate and lethal, and any Guard who has already drawn a crossbow will not try to charge at you (so you can safely stay out of their range while you fight other enemies). Advancing slowly is the preferred method.

For the purposes of this quest, you have to kill everyone in the Free Mine except the minecrawlers and the Orc slave (PLEASE don't kill the Orc slave! He should be immortal anyway, but if you attack him he might flee and you'll have to exit and re-enter the mine to be able to talk to him). That means: Guards, Diggers, and Shadows. If you find a strange potion while adventuring, don't drink it. If you're doing Wolf's subquest, grab plates from the mincrawlers as you kill them.

After a while, Gorn may bug out and act like you've been threatening him, or like you've killed someone from the Free Mine. This will have no impact on the rest of the quest, save that he will suddenly attack you and knock you unconscious. This is a dangerous position to be in because, although the Guards with melee weapons will stop charging at you, the Guards with crossbows will still fire at you if they can, which will kill you. Erring on the side of caution, proceed through the mine yourself, telling Gorn to wait by the entrance right after clearing the first room.

After you clear the second chamber, the mine leads off to the right and down two ladders. Unfortunately, the Powers That Be decided to place two Guards with crossbows around the base of the ladders. While you descend, you'll get the wonderful pleasure of being sniped from below almost as soon as you start on the second ladder and, if you're hit, you'll fall to the ground below. AND, if that fall doesn't kill you, you'll die as the Guards continue to rain down bolts upon your helpless, paralyzed body. A work-around is available: from the first chamber, go down and kill the two minecrawlers in their small connecting cave. Proceed right, through the cave, to the gap. Although the jump may prove difficult, you can leap across the gap and land on a ledge with a bunch of items. Walk forward through the wood and off the end of the ledge ... to end up standing right next to your Orc slave! Proceed to butcher the rest of the Guards.

You'll find the Orc slave Tarrok having had fled onto this platform during the invasion of the Old Mine's Guards, but he'll tell you that a minecrawler poisoned him while he was getting to this safe spot (you may be able to know what he's talking about, since he uses the Orcish word for minecrawler, but you have to ask what his word means anyway). Tell Tarrok you'll find his Medicine, the aforementioned "strange potion." It's on the other side of the same room, under the wooden walkway, hidden amongst some mushrooms. Return to him with it and he'll agree to make an ULU-MULU for you if you bring him its four components. Ask what each of the components means in English and you'll learn what you need to acquire (see below). These are all new components that cannot be harvested from bodies before talking to Tarrok. After you find all the items, return to Tarrok and he'll fashion the ULU-MULU for you. The ULU-MULU is a weapon-type item that must be wielded, not just equipped, for it to work.

To complete the Free Mine part of the quest, meanwhile, just exit the mine after having killed everyone from the Old Camp and talk to Gorn outside. Go back to the New Camp and ask Lee about what he thinks of the mine to earn your experience. If you're performing Wolf's quest, return to him to give him all the minecrawler shells you've found. If you have any left over, you can sell the remaining shells.

  • Teeth of a Swampshark: Teleport to the Swamp Camp and head towards the uninhabited parts of the swamp (if you've done The Swampweed Harvest you know where to go.
  • Tongue of a Fire Lizard: Teleport to Xardas' tower and then head down to the beach. The Fire Lizards can easily kill you, so it's best to pick one off and then either shoot it with something or else attack it rapidly with your mêlée weapon. Also found by the circle (first focus) and the tunnel close to the old mine.
  • Horn of a Shadowbeast: Shadowbeasts are tough. An easy way to find one is by exploring the forest between the Old Camp and the Swamp Camp. There were also some Shadowbeast horns in Gomez's chests if you managed to rob them.
  • Tusks of a Troll: Head to where you found the Focus in the Troll Canyon and a Troll will be waiting for you. Defeat it in much the same way as before.

Once you have all the ingredients return to Tarrok and give him the items. He then crafts an ULU-MULU. Bear it with honour.

Way into the Sleeper's Temple[edit]

Orc town[edit]

Once you have the ULU-MULU head back into the Orc Territories towards the Orc city. On your way there you'll find Ur-Shak near the city. He says that there are two ways to enter the Sleeper's temple, the entrance of which is behind a closed gate. The first way is to use the orc teleport scroll which you will find in the Shaman's chests, but Orcs hate magic and will attack you if they see you using it. (so stay out of sight..) The other way of getting past the gate is to use telekinesis to obtain the figurine on top of the sleeper statue that the orcs are worshipping and use it on the switch next to the gate, but teleporting is easier. Again, the orcs will attack you for using telekinesis magic.

He'll also tell you that you need to have the ULU-MULU in hand when you cross the bridge, but it works while sheathed too. If you draw your ULU-MULU (it's a weapon really) the Orcs will say to put the weapon away, only in Orcish. Walk around and find four Orc Shamans kneeling before the Sleeper's statue. Nearby are some caves. Go in each one and take what's in the chests. One of them should give you an Orc Teleport scroll. Use it and you'll find yourself at the other side of the gate. Continue forward into the Sleeper's temple. Once you're on the other side of the gate, if you go near the gate the Orc Shamans will start fireballing you through the gate, so just stay away from the gate.

These are the solutions the developers intended you to use. You can also transform into bloodfly before you even cross the bridge, cross the bridge, fly over the gate (you can fly up the sloped rock right of the gate) and wiggle through the hole on the top-right of the gate that leads into the sleeper temple. Repeatedly alternate between walking/running to alternate between walking and flying as a bloodfly will help. The orcs don't attack bloodflies, ULU-MULU or not.

Temple of the Sleeper[edit]

There's no need to take on any of the orc priests until after The Magic Sword URIZIEL.

Once inside, a new journal entry will be added. This is the first time it does so without talking with someone. Keep going until you see a big entrance with the largest pitfall in front of it you'll likey ever have seen in a game (you'll fall for ten seconds, and considering how fast you go when you fall, ten seconds is a lot). Luckily there's a pillar fallen over you can walk across. Once inside, you'll fight some skeletons. The warriors are the biggest threat to you since they have the best weapons. Kill them first, as the scouts and the regular skeletons aren't going to hurt you that bad. You will also come across two or three skeleton mages inside the temple. They summon three extra skeletons to fight with you, so go after the mages as soon as you can so you save yourself a headache later.

Do not meatbug your way under the gates because if you only have one scroll, you will not be able to get out of the temple, even if you try teleporting.

You should be in a big room now, with three barred gates (one is down a ramp) and an open door. Don't go in yet; go in between the two gates that are closed and there's a stone block with some symbols. Remember the color pattern. Now go in the open gate back in the main room. You will come across a small hall. The door behind you will close and two skeletons are released from the cells to fight you. Kill them and collect some potions and random items in one of the cells. Look for a switch in both cells to open the gate in front of you. Now you see a big pillar in front of you. Go the sides and look for the colors that you were supposed to memorize. Go the proper color's switch and turn the switches in order. The three gates will open, and now you have access to the next part of the temple.

In the next room there will be a door on your left that leads into a hall. At the end of the hall, turn the switch on the left. The gate inside of the minecrawler tunnel will open, some platforms will lower and the door that leads to Varrag Hashor will open.

Arrow puzzle[edit]

Go through the minecrawler tunnel that was previously blocked by the gate and you'll see Gor Boba in front of a locked gate. Either off him or stay away as he won't attack you until you come close, and after opening the gate you could run past him. Left of Gor Boba there's a room that's painted red in an interesting way, and clearly not by Bob Ross. It's blood, that should have been your first clue. In the room there is a button near the ceiling. Make sure you are standing outside the room (you'll understand soon enough) as you fire an arrow at that button. Enter the room and use a torch or light spell. A part of the wall will lower. Fire an arrow at the revealed wall button. Remember the order of the colors. The gates of another room will open. In that room, turn the switches in the order of the colors. If you turn them in the wrong order, you can gain infinite experience through grinding. Now the gate that Gor Boba is guarding will open.

Go through the gate and turn right. Cross the minecrawler chasm. On the other side, you'll find a box. It will highlight, but it doesn't have a name, similar to benches. Open it to find a ring of greater invincibility and an essence of strength potion. (+3 strength)

You can now visit four out of the five undead orc priests. But you probably shouldn't.. yet. Go to Varrag Ruushk and use telekinesis to get the Strange Sword. (or take on Varrag Ruushk) Once you have the Strange Sword, you can leave the temple and teleport to Xardas. (you must be back in the main world to teleport) Now do The Magic Sword URIZIEL as you'll get a better weapon, a final chance to put your skill points to good use and better armor which will make it easier to take on the orc priests. In addition, you'll need this to take on Vrash Harrag Arushnat.

Opening the gate to the final orc priest[edit]

When you reach the lava lake with the platform in it that has a switch on top, turn that switch. You'll go down and find yourself in a room with two switches. Use a torch or light spell to see what they do. The one on the right will open just the gate you need, the one on the left will also open the gate for a room with additional loot (an axe and some potions), but also spawn some more monsters. If you opened the gates for the extra loot, the room on the right has an elixer of healing and a healing scroll. However, there are also some potions stuck on the wall. If you use telekinesis on them, they will fall down. Be careful though, they can fall through the floor. On the wall, you'll find an elixer of magic energy (mana bonus +70) and two elixers of life. (maximum life +15 each)

The undead orc priests[edit]

Hoist by their own petard
The orc priests can be fooled to walk into their own traps, though it's not the common way to play. Watch a speedrun to see how that can be pulled off.

Varrag Hashor[edit]

Varrag Hashor will fight you with Pyrokinesis.

Varrag Kasorg[edit]

When you go right at the split in the first minecrawler tunnel, you'll find three rooms with switches. After turning them, Varrag Kasorg will appear (along with some other monsters) who will attack you with Ball Lightning.

Varrag Ruushk[edit]

Varrag Ruushk will attack you with Storm of Fire. Also, he's guarding the Strange Sword. He's in a building that is surrounded by a moat filled with lava. Around this there are three rooms that each have a switch in them. Turn them to access the bridge across the moat. Walk over the bridge, but don't enter the building. (unless you like satay) Go right of it and climb into the hole in the wall. You can now either go in and take on Varrag Ruushk, or use telekinesis to get the Strange Sword without a fight.

Varrag Unhilqt[edit]

Varrag Unhilqt will attack you with Chain Lightning.

Vrash Harrag Arushnat[edit]

Vrash Harrag Arushnat is the final orc priest who will attack you with Breath of Death, but when you try and attack him, Nameless will directly comment on his weapons being of no use against this orc priest. If you don't have URIZIEL yet, make sure you aquired the Strange Sword, leave the sleeper temple and once outside, teleport back to the Necromancer.

The Magic Sword URIZIEL[edit]

Use the Teleport to Necromancer rune to return to Xardas with the Strange Sword; you have to return to the overworld in order to cast it, but don't leave the temple without the sword.

Xardas tells you it is called URIZIEL, and is the weapon of a legendary hero. Its power has dissipated over time, however. Tell him you're going to find better armor and he'll give you a key that opens the locked chests in his old tower. The old tower is north and just a bit east of his new tower.

Go into the corridor between the rooms of the tower and drop down into the mud to the west (use the strafing exploit if you need to) and head on up to where you met The Banished Orc Shaman. You should see the old tower near here. Dive into the water and swim over to it. You'll find a small opening. Go in there and dive down, then dive up as soon as the new path opens. You'll find yourself inside the tower.

There are lots of Skeletons and Zombies in here, as well as a Skeleton Mage. Take out the mage and then fight or avoid the rest. Open the chests for various good items until you find the Ancient Ore Armor (Weapons 95 Arrows 25 Fire 40 Magic 10) and the Teleport to Magicians of Fire rune. Once you have these two crucial items you can leave if you want to, or else keep searching for more goodies.

When you're done don't bother swimming again, just teleport straight back to Xardas. By now he has worked out that it may be possible to restore UZURIEL's former power, but it will require a lot of magical energy. What's the biggest source of magic energy this side of the Barrier? Why, the New Camp's ore mound of course!

Teleport to the Magicians of Water. You'll meet Milten here. Explain your problem and he'll agree to help you. You're then treated to a brief video of what happens next.

You can now either proceed to enter the Sleeper temple, or teleport to Xardas one last time. If you're a 6th circle magician, Xardas can take the gem from the sword and turn it into Uriziel's Wave of Death rune. If you're not a 6th circle magician, don't do this as you'll have no way of defeating Vrash Harrag Arushnat. Note that any skill with two-handed weapons is not required to handle URIZIEL. (it just makes it easier)

The temple of the Sleeper[edit]

This is it, the endgame. First, some unfinished business.

Revisiting the Old Camp[edit]

Use the Teleport to Magicians of Fire rune to access the Old Camp (you could also use a Transform into Meatbug scroll and crawl under either gate, but the rune is quicker). Wherever you go in the Old Camp every guard or shadow will attack you on sight and your armor is no match for dozens of crossbow bolts, so you may want to get in and out as efficiently as possible.

If you chose to be a Meatbug, remain as a Meatbug until you reach Gomez's castle, as the guards won't attack you in this form. If you chose the rune you'll arrive in the middle of a group of guards. That is, unless you had the foresight to murder them all before chapter 4. The guards (if present) are headed by Bartholo. You'll learn from him that they've locked up Stone the blacksmith. Bartholo will order the guards (even if they're not there, which is frankly hilarious!) to take you down. It shouldn't be too difficult to take them out, especially if they are just Bartholo's imaginary friends that you killed before chapter 4. Take the Key to the store from Bartholo. There are more guards in the rooms downstairs. Either way, once inside the ore baron's castle you need to take Gomez out. First deal with Scar and his friend. If you take the door furthest from the throne and entice them towards you Gomez should remain seated until you're done with them.

Once they're dead (and Raven too, if you didn't get him already) confront Gomez. His sword deals massive amounts of damage, so heal up first and be sure to combo him repeatedly so he doesn't have a chance of killing you. Once he's dead grab Gomez' key. He also has an Amulet of Might (+7 STR +7 DEX) and a Ring of Greater Invincibility  10  10  5  3 , make sure to equip them if they're better than what you already have. Head upstairs and go into his bedroom (or backup throne room, or whatever) and loot the chests for some permanent stat-boosting potions.

Now head to the smithy. Clean it out, because you'll be needing it to be safe for what's coming up next. Once you've dealt with most or all of the guards inside the castle head into the guardhouse, then go downstairs to the dungeons. Here you'll find Bullit playing sentry (if you didn't kill him already) as well as a guard or two. Keep going and open all the cells until you find Stone. Talk to him and tell him you're not with Gomez and he'll head on back to the smithy.

Follow Stone back to the smithy and talk to him. Be careful drawing weapons around him as he'll threaten you (this is why it's best to deal with the guards there ahead of time). Once he's back in front of his forge he'll offer to make you a variety of things. He offers to make some rings, but anything he makes can be purchased in the other two camps or found as loot, and you'll likely have the best enchantments by now anyway. Instead ask him to reinforce your armor. After a brief moment he does so. Put on the Improved Ore Armor (Weapons 100 Arrows 30 Fire 45 Magic 15) and teleport back to Xardas. Buy a dozen (or as many as you can afford) "Summon Golem" spell scrolls from Xardas. They'll come in handy later. From there make your way to the temple once more to take out the fifth and last of the heartless shamans.

The temple of the Sleeper[edit]

Return to the temple and find your way back to the fifth Shaman. Use URIZIEL on him (or Wave of Death if you're a mage) and loot his corpse. Along with the usual staff and sword you'll find the Breath of Death rune. Head on up the stairs and you'll face an Apocalyptic Templar. He's even tougher than the Fanatical Templars, so take care when fighting him.

Next you will find a room with fives sockets on the ground. Activate each in turn (you don't have to select the swords in your inventory); the order doesn't matter. When all five are used the door will open.

In the next room Xardas will explain more about how to defeat the Sleeper. He says that the undead Shamans' hearts bind the Sleeper to this world, and the only way to harm the hearts is to stab them with the Shamans' own swords. Xardas will then fall asleep.

There are four doors out of this area. The two at the far side of this room lead down to the Sleeper. The other two lead to loot. Head through either and open up each of the mummies in turn to find various potions that will permanently increase your attributes. Open the chest for some healing and mana potions. Now go to the other side room and repeat the process. As soon as you have them all, drink all the stat potions to maximize your character stats. Combined, these potions will increase your strength by 68, your dexterity by 28, your maximum mana by 90 and your maximum life by 120. Head down one of the tunnels and run past or kill the Apocalyptic Templar you'll meet near the end (there is another in the other tunnel). Regardless of which path you take you'll pass over cracked rocks with some lava, note that templars (as well as any other NPC) are incapable of jumping over these cracks. Considering how much of a fight these Apocalyptic Templars put up, running past them is generally a good idea. Eventually you end up in a hall before the room with the throne of the Sleeper itself.

The "usual" approach[edit]

Cor Kalom (now turned mad) and his followers are here. Kalom will greet you and say that the Sleeper will now awaken (once this happens the Sleeper will throw very powerful fireballs whenever you are within his line of sight). Kalom will then attack you with pyrokinesis along with any Obsessed Novices close enough to take an interest in the fight (if you want to fight him without interruption, use a ranged attack to bring him to you). Next, clear out the Novices. Lead them back to the lava if you have trouble killing them there.


If Golems beat up Mad Cor Kalom while he uses pyrokinesis on you, you can get stuck in the flailing/hurting animation, even though Mad Cor Kalom is very, very dead. Stay away until the Golems have taken care of Kalom.

Too lazy for the above or on a pacifist run? Remember how you were told to buy a dozen or so "Summon Golem" spell scrolls? These are of great help anyway, but if you have the improved ore armor, some rings of of Greater Invincibility and the Amulet of Ore Skin (you might actually want to use the Orc Talisman that Ur-Shak gave you as fire will be a greater problem here), you can finish this while barely lifting a finger. While in the hall, summon a dozen golems. Now walk into the room with the sleeper. Walk towards the sleeper until Mad Cor Kalom force-dialogs you. Let the dialog play out! As long as you are in dialog with Mad Cor Kalom, nobody can attack you. Meanwhile, the Golems are pummeling the novices and apocalyptic templars next to you! When the Golems are "done" and return to you, they probably haven't attacked Mad Cor Kalom yet. Either fire an arrow or fire bolt at Mad Cor Kalom, not to hurt him, but to signal to your Golems that Mad Cor Kalom needs to take a long nap. Wait for the Golems to finish Kalom.

Stabbing the undead hearts[edit]

You can't attack the Sleeper directly; he'll merely cast Sleep on you and then continue hurling fireballs. Instead go up to one of the five stone faces and lift it up to reveal the heart inside. These faces are not solid, fireballs go right through. Try to time it so that the Sleeper's fireballs won't hit you as you use the stone faces. Eventually you'll get it up and stab a sword into the heart. When you do this a Demon Lord will appear. This enemy is much tougher than the Lesser Demons you have taken down earlier, so you'll probably want to lead him through the doors so you can fight him without the Sleeper interfering. If you summoned Golems, the Golems will distract the Demons, but can't actually beat them. This can be enough to beat the game though. Unlike Lesser Demons he is very resistant to ranged weapons, so use magic or URIZIEL to defeat him. If you have trouble fighting him at close range you can take the path to the left and jump over the crack in the lava; despite having wings he can't cross this crevice, so he will float at the edge of it desperately trying to swing at you. You can then stand at a distance and use whatever runes or scrolls you have to eventually destroy him. These are the last enemies you will fight, so feel free to use anything you've been saving.

When the Demon Lord is destroyed go back and stab another heart, causing another Demon Lord to appear. If you have some sprint potions using them here will allow you to stab a heart and run off without taking as many hits from the Sleeper's fireballs. When you have repeated this process for all five hearts you will see the final cutscene and the Sleeper will be banished from Myrtana. The ending leads right on to Gothic II, the next game in the series.