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Gender; Pronouns Male; He/Him/His
Location BC, Canada
First System Owned Wii
First Videogame Played New Super Mario Bros.
Watches Anime, Sci-Fi, Documentaries, Action, Marvel, Dystopia
Reads Manga, Dystopia, Sci-Fi, Non-Fiction
Listens to Rock, Pop, Disco, Funk (basically anything 70s-90s), Retro Game OSTs, Symphonic Metal
Plays Pretty much anything, though I do love Platformers and Metroidvanias.
Current Status Inactive / on hiatus

Hey there! I'm Malaert64, a retro enthusiast and avid writer. StrategyWiki is an awesome resource, and my goal here is to create helpful walkthrough and guide content for the games I'm passionate about, specifically ones that haven't received much love from the community yet. In terms of "the games I'm passionate about," well, I'm big into various Nintendo and Konami IPs, especially Castlevania, Mario, Metal Gear, and Pokémon. I'm open to trying most other things though!

Here's a list of some of my favourite games!

Guides I've worked on/written on the site: