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Melon247 Logo.jpg Favourite Games Dog's Life Farmhouse 1.jpg
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Dog's Life Tug O War.jpg
The Dog Island Beginning.jpg
Dog's Life Farmhouse 2.jpg
Dogz dress puppy.jpg
Dog's Life PS2 Box Art.jpg The Dog Island box.jpg Dogz (Console) Cover.jpg Catz Wii Cover.jpg
Other Games I Like
Imagine Champion Rider Box Art.jpg Over the Hedge Cover.png Dogz Cover.jpg Cars cover.jpg
Join Date Feb 26, 2008 Contribs 4,000+
Location Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom Gender Female
Age 14 Status Sysop
Thank Yous
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A little thank you…
For all of the many awesome contributions to pet related games.
Hugs, Notmyhandle (talk contribs) 23:42, 24 September 2008 (UTC)

Example mario image
A little thank you…
For contributing so many pages for pet games.
Hugs, DrBob (talk) 20:17, 17 November 2008 (UTC)
Melon247 DogIsland Dogz Catz image.jpg
Dog's Life Doggy Do.jpg This user is a master of Dog's Life
Hammy hamster icon.jpg This user loves hamsters
Petz logo.jpg This user is good at Petz games
DogIsland yilu.jpg This user likes Yi Lu from The Dog Island
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Melon facts
  • I have read The Pet Finders Club book series 28 times
  • I am sometimes known as The Petz Expert
  • I am actually a human being, not a fruit
  • I love Somalis and Shiba Inus
  • I have a self-made Dog's Life T-Shirt
  • I want to own a pet hotel someday
  • I can recognise many breeds of cat or dog

Hi, I'm Melon247. I am a 14-year-old (and possibly the youngest admin on the wiki but I don't go around asking everyone their ages and stuff) who likes to write walkthroughs and play video games. I'm also a computer addict and spend far too much time down in the study typing away on here.

I used to be ultra-mad about becoming an administrator. Then not long ago I just thought there wasn't much point and it wasn't going to happen; I just edited here and there and reverted vandalism and did some cleanup. But look where I ended up! It's proof that, if you do really want something, it's always worth waiting for!

I don't go on wikis much anymore as I have now become like addicted to YouTube, Webs and XAT. And also I do TONS of other things like writing stories, making AMVs, drawing, spending too much time with my rabbits, school... yeah. But I still come on eventually and try and do some work on here. If you call it work. I guess technically I can't call it work in the first place cz I'm too young for "work".

I've become totally mad about music. But I guess that's what happens if you're a teenager. The wierd thing about me is that I've come to like some boy-ish music as well, so I tend not to show off to too many people my MP3 player.

I like stuff to be colourful (as you can see) and I sometimes venture further than the old wiki blue colour. But there's one think you aught to know... I hate PINK!!!

My favourite dog breed is a Kooikerhondje but if I asked that to the people at school half of them would think I was making it up. But it's true. A Kooikerhondje IS a dog!

Random quote
"If there were an edit counter for every edit ever done on Strategywiki, I think it'd take up more space than the maplestory guide."
To do list
Pending tasks for Melon247

Petz: Dogz 2 and Catz 2

  1. Finish Walkthrough
  2. Finish optional missions page
  3. Add info on the minigames
  4. Copy-edit the guide pages and make sure everything's right
  5. Go into each level about 1000000 times to find out where to catch bugs
  6. Make a big list of all the accessories in the game which will probably take years
  7. Add images
  8. Get to featured status

Over the Hedge

  1. Finish Walkthrough pages
  2. Finish other guide pages
  3. Add images


  1. Find out what order the races are
  2. Add info on the races
  3. Get some images


  1. Write walkthrough (caring for bunny)
  2. Play a bit more to find out how to do all the minigames
  3. Write the other pages

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (GBA)

  1. Write the walkthrough
  2. Think of something else to put here

Brother Bear

  1. Be bothered to write the walkthrough
  2. Add images despite the fact that the game loses sound if you press Ctrl+Alt+Delete

The Sims 2: Pets

  1. Make some pages
  2. Get images somehow


  1. Finish the game
  2. Write the walkthrough
  3. Find out what the minigames are

Other Stuff

  1. Categorise pages
  2. Wanted categories
  3. Cleanup project
  4. Welcome new users who have made contributions

Me on YouTube

On YouTube I am called TheDogzLife, since it wouldn't let me use the name Melon247. I've made a few video walkthroughs on there of games so if you're still confused after reading the guides here... take a look! The walkthroughs so far are Catz and The Dog Island. But there will be more.

Who to go to if you need help

There are loads of admins on this site. In the past I knew how frustrating it was (and, quite possibly, for Najzere who I asked all my questions to) to want to ask one a question but just not knowing who to ask. I've decided that, to help the whole nation of SW users who find this page, I'm going to create a list of what peoples specialities are. If you are an admin and I've put you on this list but left the last section blank, that's because I either haven't found out what your speciality is yet or was just waiting to see if you'd put something down.

Name Good at...
Melon247 (me) (talk · contribs) Anything Dog's Life related, and some of the Petz games
Skizzerz (talk · contribs) Mediawiki
Najzere (talk · contribs) Templates
Zaiqukaj (talk · contribs) Spell Checking, cleanup, wikifying stuff, table help
Rocky (talk · contribs) Image Renaming
Bmuig (talk · contribs) Fighting Games
DrBob (talk · contribs) Cleanup
Notmyhandle (talk · contribs)
Arrow (talk · contribs) Battlestations: Midway and Battlestations: Pacific
Sigma 7 (talk · contribs)