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About me[edit]

I'm Catherine and have returned to StrategyWiki after a couple of years hiatus. It was Animal Crossing:New Leaf that sucked me in again. Long time gamer with an interest in Real-time and Turn-based Strategy, RPGs, and puzzle games. Animal Crossing and Viva Piñata are my guilty pleasures!

I worked for a couple of years in the games industry but I have thankfully moved on to something a little more stable. Currently living in Scotland with my wonderful husband and our lazy cat Lucy.

Contact me[edit]

You can leave me a message on my talk page

My info for Animal Crossing: New Leaf is...

  • Friend code: 4270-1145-5897
  • Character: Minx
  • Town name: Veritas
  • Dream Code: 7800-2480-5004
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