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A mí, Scottio!=[edit]

Me if you didn't get the SMB/spanish in the title I'm a teenage video-gamer who likes contributing to public sources such as wikipediaand the like, gone to strategywiki because quite frankly, wikipedia is very small in videogames. I am currently stuck here in Europe with the rest of my family. My name is Scotty, as you probably guessed, and NO I WILL NOT BEAM YOU UP!

My guides[edit]

These are guides that I've worked on or am now working on for you to glance at the vegetables of my work;
Trauma Center: Under the Knife
This guide is almost complete, but I've stopped working on it due to lack of interest. I'd like for someone to finish it for me, but if someone could tell me how I can take screen shots of the DS's screen, I'll probably finish it up and add some pictures.
Pardus is a MMOG about outer space in the future. As it is taking up a lot of my free time, I've decided to work on the guide and try to make this my first one to get into the stage 4 completion. It has a long way to go, but it's slowly getting completed. If you play this, please drop me a message ingame at "Dream"