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Pending tasks for Peculator

To Do ver. 0.1.9 (August 07, 2009)

  1. Complete the Pokémon Platinum walkthrough!
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Name Peculator
Gender Male
Age 18
Location PJS, Malaysia
Time Zone Kuala Lumpur (GMT +08:00)
of wiki(s)
Website *My site

User page version 0.9.1 (August 07, 2009)
To-do page version 0.1.9 (August 07, 2009)


My name is Peculator
But you can call me Pec
I arrived on this planet called earth 18 years ago
My favourite bands are Muse and Cut Copy
I love music because it sounds cool
My 3 primary inspirations are slacking, sleeping and gaming (PC, Console and Handheld Console)
I live in Petaling Jaya but I'd rather be in the future
Wiki(s) that I've joined Wikipedia and Strategywiki
I just want you to know that this interview is over -luv Pec

My sub-page(s)[edit]

MapleStory logo.png This user loves MapleStory and his favorite MMORPG.

Pokeball.png This user loves Pokemon handheld series and his favourite Pokémon handheld games.