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Australian PC gamer; play mostly FPS, RTS and some RPG games, although I enjoy most genres and games. Created a StrategyWiki account on 05/01/2008 to aid in the Civilization Revolution Wiki, but expanding from there! Almost everything around here is under construction, so keep your hard-hats on. Feel free to Talk to me at any time!

All-time favourites System
Quake PC
Quake Teamfortress [1] PC
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PC
Starcraft PC
Warcraft III PC
Super Metroid SNES
Fallout 2 PC
Secret of Evermore SNES
Currently playing System
Elite Beat Agents DS
Civilization Revolution DS
King's Bounty [2] PC
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PC
Kohan Immortal Sovereigns [3] PC
Looking to play System
Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword DS
Meteos DS
Starcraft 2 PC
Diablo 3 PC


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Latent Tasks

  • Civilization Revolution
    • CLEANUP: Overview of all pages and addition/fixing of links (pages/links may still move, so this is on hold)

Future Work

"Would like to do if I didn't have a job"

List of contributions[edit]

Page Task Date (YMD)
Civilization_Revolution/Civilizations Completed special units data, elaborated upon the more vague civ talents 2009 01 20
Civilization_Revolution/Famous_People Added description of Great Person types 2009 01 20
Civilization_Revolution/Governments Page created: Intro; data on all governments; embedded explanation of Anarchy 2009 01 19
Civilization_Revolution/Terrain Added info on Special Resources and tabulated data 2009 01 18
Civilization_Revolution/Terrain Added info on regions and tabulated data 2009 01 18
Civilization_Revolution/Terrain Updated intro 2009 01 18
Civilization_Revolution/Wonders Updated intro 2009 01 17
Civilization_Revolution/Wonders Tabulated Wonders and filled in some cost and obsolescence data 2009 01 17
Civilization_Revolution/Technologies Implemented alphabetical categorization and a customized alphabetical TOC 2009 01 16
Civilization_Revolution/Technologies Created "Tech Card" templates and implemented into the Technologies page 2009 01 16
Civilization_Revolution/Technologies Added more general information and 'Science' section 2009 01 07
Civilization_Revolution/Technologies Updated blurb 2009 01 07
Civilization_Revolution/Technologies Standardized each tech card and completed missing information 2009 01 07
Civilization_Revolution/Technologies Tabulated list of technologies into discrete 'tech cards' 2009 01 07
Civilization_Revolution/Buildings Updated introductory blurb 2009 01 06
Civilization_Revolution/Buildings Tabulated building information 2009 01 06
Civilization_Revolution/Buildings Completed information about each building 2009 01 06
Civilization_Revolution/Units Added sections: Statistics, Unit control and armies,Combat and Experience & Special Abilities 2009 01 05
Civilization_Revolution/Units Added information about all units and reduced to into a table 2009 01 05
Civilization_Revolution/Civilizations Updated introductory blurb 2009 01 05
Civilization_Revolution/Civilizations Added entry for 'Special Units' 2009 01 05
Civilization_Revolution/Civilizations Completed information about all civilizations 2009 01 05