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  • QUESTION: What is the difference between "+#" (in Bullet Time) and "#" (in Sommersault Kick)?
    • With an answer provided from PirateIzzy (talk · contribs) on "#" being regular variables and "+#" being variables that changes the stats of the character; I was working on avoiding having the phrase "plus +# per level" ("plus plus number per level") while leaving "+#" variables alone.
      In order to do this, and to also cover minus variables, it would be written like this: "add +1 per level", "add 1 per level", "subtract 1 per level".
      That way, it won't sound odd upon reading that line.

  • This table is about displaying the direct variable changes by utilizing colors.
  • Before reading the table, it will display info on any future changes in one of the two colors upon leveling;
    it applies any variable except the "Level" variable.
    Green for occurring changes, and red for no changes.
  • In the "Level 1" row, it is plastered with a pale light blue color (E6E6FA) because it is the default unmastered level with no growth yet.
  • Entries that are pale green (used with Template:Yes2) indicate a variable change.
    Entries that do not have a color indicate no change whatsoever.
  • The "final level" row has the "Level" variable marked with a underline to show that it is the master level with no more growth left.
  • The reason there's no border or Template:Prettytable is because it looks more cleaner and slimer.