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Retired due to this site promoting non-official games and illegal things, even if people refuse to believe it, as well as people refusing to improve the site. I've given suggestions, and most are ignored (but yet when brought up again: they havent been ignored according to people here).

A new project is made, and people jump all over it saying it's a waste of time. Arguing is a waste of time, and ignoring ideas are the true wastes of time. This site wont grow much if we just continue to edit very little, not advertise and not even try much to expand the number of editors. If you were to check the site in a year: if lucky, this site will have double the number of articles that it has now. That's not saying much. This site should have every notable game ever. Realistically: that can be done if people focus a bit more on article creation. I've suggested a creation drive, but it was talked about briefly then forgotten about. So I'm done. Perhaps I will be proven wrong and this site will take off...but I highly doubt it. A snail's pace is how big this site grows each month and year.