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Surfing around Wikipedia, I encountered StrategyWiki and found that to my disappointment, the StarCraft guide was incredibly lacking. So I've started laying out the basic structure, in the hope that doing so will make it easier for others to contribute than just putting stuff into blank pages (and hence leave less work for me :p)

Working On[edit]

Sadly, rather busy with schoolwork so I won't be able to work on it too often for the next couple months.


So Far[edit]

  • Found a pretty complete StarCraft guide on Wikibooks
  • Merged initial Protoss building page with Wikibooks', linked everything appropriately (EDIT: kind of)
  • Merged initial Terran building page with Wikibooks'
  • Assorted minor corrections that just happened to catch my eye
Pending tasks for RubyDragon


  1. Clean up Terran buildings
  2. Clean up Zerg buildings
  3. Clean up Protoss units & spells
  4. Clean up Terran units & spells
  5. Clean up Zerg units & spells


  • Expand on building descriptions
  • Add missing fansites
  • Check cheats (think some may be inaccurate)
  • Add terminology
  • Start & complete 'Getting Started'
  • Transfer from 'Strategies' to appropriate page
  • Complete all strategies sections