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Hi, I am Superpowered Mario, and I have been working on this site since 2007. It's been a wonderful experience to make these guides and be creative. I am a hobbyist and a proud fan of many games, mostly the ones that got me started- the very first game I owned was Mario Kart Super Circuit on a newly released Gameboy Advance, before the backlight function caught on... so I had to play my games in rooms with a delicate balance of light to see what I was doing. From there, I got into the usual favorites: Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, and Viewtiful Joe are the ones I remember best. And yet I may have to panhandle for the sake of the latter franchises which have yet to deliver sequels they promised!

In my spare time, I also do work on an DeviantART-hosted online webcomic. Or you may find me on TARDIS wiki.

I will list all the projects I am working on lately and update them at will. Currently, Mega Man Zero 2 is top priority.

IMPORTANT: I tend to drop in and out of this wiki at leisure because I am currently dealing with college studies that limit my spare time. This work limits my activity on this wiki for the foreseeable future.


After a lengthy and droll period of boredom, I have decided to return to StrategyWiki to complete some guides. I have an active, at-home connection, so I can edit very freely at last! Expect better chances for me to edit if I feel up to it. Currently, I am in my first year of college and very concerned about the future of the Mega Man Series. So many cliffhangers, so little time! We need another ZX game to wrap up that series, a Classic series Mega Man that ties into the events of X, the end of X8 is still unclear, and Mega Man Legends 3 must make a comeback!!!

Ocarina of Time is my ocassional, ongoing concern. There are many "aesthetic" images I shouldn't have added. I plan to remove them and keep a solid focus on the key moments of the game that DO need images to point out hidden places. After that, I'll try my hand at Mega Man walkthroughs.

I Am Working On[edit]

- Zelda OOT, Phantom Hourglass, Windwaker & Mario 64 Completion (future projects)

- Future completion of Mega Man games, Mega Man Zero series being the first to tackle. I am finishing up Mega Man Zero 2 until it hits Completion Stage 4. Mega Man Zero is actually more complicated to start on; that game, being the first installment, has more rough edges than its future successors in the series. Sidequests aren't as clear cut, nor is my ability to lay down the groundwork for that guide in its current state (emptier than a hobo's wallet)

- Pokémon FireRed/Leafgreen, Pokémon Diamond/Pearl: Since these games are very deep into completion, I simply gloss over them from time to time.

-MMX4: I don't expect much progress. It appears my request has bombed.

- A way to fix certain stubs in those articles (long-term project)

- Making less frequent edits!!!!

- Knowing Keiji Inafune has started up Comcept (Phew!! Light at the end of the tunnel!)

My Current Big Projects[edit]

Huge attempts to complete guides or unfinished work.

- Completion of Oracle of Seasons (Currently around 40-45%, but emulator has been lost since the old computer croaked; have managed to get a new one and will try to upload at soonest convenience, unfortunately that may be a full year)

- Anything to improve OOT, including comprehensive images and item models at any given time.

- MMZ2 guide: Currently about 95%- My goal is to get MMZ2 to Stage 4 soon enough.

Reminders to Myself[edit]

A way of priority and self-evaluation:


- the majority of the Megaman game guides need refining BADLY

- Don't attack guide pages with successive changes (for Admin's sake)


- Supporting the "death of plain text" as always.

Superpowered Mario :-)

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