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Currently Playing[edit]

XB360 This user plays on an Xbox 360.
GTA This user's favorite game is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The top one is the only one I've contributed any guide to.

GTA:SA Projects[edit]

Game Completion[edit]

I'm going through the game and contributing to the Walkthrough pages.

After finishing the game 100%, I started over. Now I'm trying to do as many of the side missions without doing the story missions.


I think there's the possibility of a nice template for missions. It would be in the form of an info box with prerequisites, location, and rewards. The main data could be reserved for tips and walkthroughs.

Real-life analogue Ferrari Testarossa
Mass (kg) 1200.0
Turning Mass 3000.0
Drag Multiplier 2.0
Center of Mass (x,y,z) (0.0, -0.2, -0.2)
Buoyancy 70
Traction Multiplier {{{fTractionMultiplier}}}
Traction Bias {{{fTractionBias}}}
Number of Gears {{{TransmissionData.nNumberOfGears}}}
Maximum Velocity (km/hr) {{{TransmissionData.fMaxVelocity}}}
Engine Acceleration (m/s^2) {{{TransmissionData.fEngineAcceleration}}}
Engine Inertia {{{TransmissionData.fEngineInertia}}}
Drive Type {{{TransmissionData.nDriveType}}}
Engine Type {{{TransmissionData.nEngineType}}}
Brake Deceleration (m/s2) {{{fBrakeDeceleration}}}
Brake Bias {{{fBrakeBias}}}
ABS {{{bABS}}}
Steering Lock {{{fSteeringLock}}}
Suspension Force Level {{{fSuspensionForceLevel}}}
Suspension Damping Level {{{fSuspensionDampingLevel}}}
Suspension High Speed ComDamp {{{fSuspensionHighSpdComDamp}}}
Suspension Upper Limit {{{suspensionupplerlimit}}}
Suspension Lower Limit {{{suspensionlowerlimit}}}
Suspension Bias {{{suspensionbias}}}
Suspension Anti-Dive Multiplier {{{suspensionantidive}}}
Seat Offset {{{fSeatOffsetDistance}}}
Collision Damage Multiplier {{{fCollisionDamageMultiplier}}}
Monetary Value ($) {{{fTractionBias}}}
Model Characteristics {{{ModelFlags}}}
Handling Characteristics {{{HandlingFlags}}}
Headlight type {{{nHeadLight}}}
Taillight type {{{nTailLight}}}
Animation Group {{{nAnimationGroup}}}

Vehicle data can be gathered from handling.cfg, carcols.dat and and serialized into an infobox. Then those files can be parsed and wiki pages output. Then a mediawiki bot can do the posting.

This one at the right was a proof-of-concept done by hand (that's why not all of the fields are filled in). Things like name, real-life analogues, and pictures have to be done by hand.


I'd like to see a databases on vehicles, weapons, locations, etc.


Does anybody know how to make screenshots from an XBox 360? Alternately, can the photo gallery on the hard drive (memory card in the case of the original XBox) be exported to a computer? Most screenshots done by users have ownership claimed by the user, or at least a yucky watermark.


I created a bot named SymplekoBot to automate some of the tasks above.