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Dead Rising Zombie Close Up

Thank you: User:Ryan Schmidt/Scripts

Need photo of:

  • Pickaxe


  • Despite power failures, lights never turn off in the huntin' shack, colbie's cinema, crispins, seons, the security room, and bathrooms
  • Lights only turn on the motorbikes and cars at night.
  • You can throw paint on the movie theater screen to make pretty abstract art.
  • Frank can interact with zombies through the doors, shooting them, throwing items at them, etc.
  • Frank can pick up the lawn mower (when it stalls) the grocery cart (including weapons cart, when they are off balance), but cannot pick up the motorcycle.
  • Convicts respawn at 12 am every morning.
  • To take photos of an item better, throw the item at the wall, sometimes when the item bounces off the wall the item lands with a different view.
  • Survivors can ride in the car with Frank.[1]
    The white car underneath Paradise Plaza can hold 4 passengers, Frank, one in the passenger seat and 3 in the back seat.
    The red convertible in the parking lot next to the maintenance tunnels can hold 3 passengers, Frank, one in the front and 2 in the back.
    The convicts jeep can hold only one passenger.
    Neither the motorcycles nor the big white trucks can hold anyone.

Screenshots for Day 2[edit]

The best time in the Dead rising game day to take Dead Rising screenshots of stores on Day 2 is at night in all plazas except the North Plaza. On day two lights turn on at 6 pm, until 10 pm, when the lights turn off throughout the mall.

The power is off during the 1st night.

North Plaza[edit]

The best time to take photos is late afternoon, particularly right before the Vietnam Vet Psychopath.

Dead rising screenshots not used yet[edit]

Colby's Movieland
Weapons cart
Weapons cart
Potted plant,in Paradise Plaza
Dead rising side corridor to north plaza.jpg
Dead Rising mistake.jpg
Dead Rising watch.jpg
Dead rising cult poster details.PNG
Dead rising cult poster.PNG
Dead Rising foodcourt on roof.jpg
Dead Rising hall family above.jpg
Dead Rising shower head in zombie 2.jpg
Dead Rising shower head in zombie 3.jpg
Dead rising snacks.jpg
Dead Rising heavy machine gun2.jpg
Dead rising willamette balloon.PNG
Dead rising play park sign.PNG
Dead rising exit below stairs wonderland.PNG
Dead rising hidden orange juice in wonderland plaza.PNG
Dead rising warehouse door.png
Dead rising camera stand.png
Dead Rising beutification apples.jpg
Dead Rising bucket on zombie.jpg
Dead Rising chriss dishes.jpg
Dead Rising condiment in zombie.jpg
Dead Rising pictures.jpg
Dead Rising punching bags.jpg
Dead rising find huntin shack inside sign.PNG
Dead rising Marriage Makers.png
Dead rising chriss submachine gun.PNG
Dead rising bowling ball in fountain.PNG
Dead rising entrance 2 to north plaza.PNG
Dead rising frying pan examine.PNG
Dead Rising time in bathroom.jpg
Dead Rising treadmill.jpg
Dead Rising wussy wayne.jpg
Dead Rising zombies in pictures.jpg
Dead Rising sickle.jpg
Dead Rising submachine gun in fountain.jpg
Dead Rising submachine gun on roof in wonderland plaza.jpg
brainwashing book
Dead rising frying pan frying.PNG
Dead rising frying pan last.PNG
Dead rising frying pan reach.PNG
Dead rising north plaza main entrance.PNG
Dead rising population 53594.PNG
Dead rising side corridor to north plaza.PNG
Dead rising snack in fountain.PNG
Dead rising wonderland bathrooms.PNG
Dead Rising mannequin on shelf.jpg
Dead Rising mannequin in warehouse.jpg
Dead rising food court sign.PNG
Dead Rising foodcourt main sign.jpg
Dead Rising shower head in zombie.jpg

Dead rising yogurt.jpg


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