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Will not be active as exam is coming. Will try to help as much as possible.

Hello. Uglyface86 here. I currently live in Malaysia. I'm not very good at HTML, but I'm willing to try. :)

I will focus at MapleStory as I play that game (not so much on it now, got to focus on my studies}. I update the versions of South East Asia (MSEA) and Global (GMS) as I am very familiar with those versions.

Sorry if I have not been of much help, but I will try to help whenever I can. :)

What I Do[edit]

What I Do
Helps in: MapleStory
Focuses in: South East Asia and Global (MSEA and GMS)
Updates pages: Availability, Patches and anything else that I can add
Characters (and Levels) in MapleStory: Mercedes (70), Demon Avenger (71), Dual Blade (121), Phantom (137), Mihile (70)

To Do List[edit]

Pending tasks for Uglyface86
  • Update all towns with the latest information.
  • Add new informations to Phantom, Mikhail, Luminous, Jett and Dragon Warrior.
  • Renew the database of monsters as the current is outdated. (Under construction)