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Eternal Sonata "Encore" indicator experiment[edit]

Glissando Cliffs[edit]

Go down 2 ropes then head east to a ledge. Jump down from the ledge and then go down another 2 ropes. Wiseman Maracas can be found in the east however, none of your current score pieces will please him.

Encore You can play a Session with Score Piece 5 for an A rank and a EZI Certificate and Score Piece 23 for a B rank and some Tailored Clothes.

Go west over the bridge into Glissando Cliffs: Area 2.

Jump across then go down 2 ropes. There is a cave next to the rope, enter it and go right through for a chest with a Hell Mustard. Go up the rope again and go west through the tree and then down another rope. Jump off on the west and go down another rope for a chest with a Silver Necklace. Go back up the rope and jump off to the east, then down yet another rope. Head east through the cave and down another rope. You should see a rope that's going down below you. Jump down and climb the rope for a Reed Bow, a weapon for Viola. Head to the east and jump down to a save point. Go down a rope to reach Glissando Cliffs: Area 3.

Head to the west and jump over the gap, then follow the path through a cave for a chest with Speed Shoes. Go back east and through a cave and then down another rope. Go west for a jump and then through another cave. Go down a rope then head west over 2 jumps. Walk up behind the tree for a Spirit Arrowhead. Go back to the east and then down 2 ropes. Cross the little waterfall to enter Glissando Cliffs: Area 4.

Climb down the rope and go west through the cave. Go east for 2 jumps then through a cave down a level. There is a ledge to the east with a chest containing a Larkspur Robe. Go back west and then down 3 ropes. Walk tot he west for a cutscene.

When the cutscene has finished you'll be back in Forte City.

Eternal Sonata "Trading Sequence" indicator experiment[edit]

Ritardando Sewers[edit]

After another Battle Tutoral follow the path all the way north. It is advisble to fight all the Florite mice you can. Try to run into them from behind as this will mean you start the fight behind them, giving you an extra turn. Avoid using Beat's Vivid Shot, you can only carry 12 photos at a time and it is better to save the slots for the upcoming boss fight. By doing this you will get a lot more money. Open the chest for a Peach Cookie. Go back and cross the first bridge. Walk south for a chest with an Angel Trumpet. Move back up and enter the glowing wall section for Ritardando Sewers: Centre.

Walk straight over the bridge and through to Ritardando Sewers: East Side. Open the chest here for a Poison Whitecap. Head back to the centre section and walk north. There is a switch on the wall to open the gate that's blocking the way. Once it is open go all the north for a Peach cookie. Cross the bridge made out of a ladder and walk north. Enter the glowing wall section for Ritardando Sewers: Center.

There is a Boss fight coming up. If you are not at least level 3, go fight some more Florite mice. Be sure to add some healing items to your Item Set so you can use them during the fight, and save before going north for the Boss fight.

Bread Gang & Florite Mice

First take out both of the mice. Keep Allegretto in the light so he can use Sun Slash on Bread Gang. Use Beat's Vivid Shot to take 12 photos then move him into the shade so he can use Rapid Shooter. If you can time the attacks you shouldn't take too much damage.

Trading Sequence
Rat Tail dropped from Bread Gang begins trading sequence.

The Bread Gang drops Rat Tail and Saber.