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Welcome to StrategyWiki![edit]

Hello Chalkwriter! Welcome to StrategyWiki. Thank you for your contributions. If you have any questions, just contact a sysop through their talk page or post on the staff lounge, and they'd be happy to help. If you need help editing, check the StrategyWiki Guide. If you have a question about the content on this wiki, you can check out our staff lounge page. If you want to ask questions or hang out in IRC, we're usually around. On the other hand, if you have ideas for StrategyWiki, bring them up on the forums. Please remember to sign your name on, and only on, talk pages by clicking Wikisigbutton.png or using four tildes (~~~~); this will automatically produce your name and the date. Finally, please do your best to always fill in the edit summary field as this helps to document all of your hard work. Feel free to delete this message from your talk page if you like, or keep it for reference. Happy editing! -- Prod (Talk) 17:33, 2 May 2009 (UTC)

Hi. Please put an actual edit summary when contributing, not "I changed something" or "I added something". We know you changed something...that's not very helpful. Edit summaries help whoever is interested see how the page has evolved when looking at its history page. Also, if you ever make an edit that isn't immediately understandable, your summary can provide the explanation so you don't get reverted. About this change: our current guideline is to just put what the page is about, as "list" is redundant, and also it may become inaccurate throughout time as more people edit the page. Thanks, - najzereT 19:41, 4 May 2009 (UTC)

Image uploads[edit]

Please see our policy on image naming and categorization. In the future, your image names should contain the name of the game or its abbreviation and a one or two word description. All images also need to have the appropriate categories added, as well as the guide-specific image category (i.e. [[Category:Wario Land 4 images]]). --najzereT 20:19, 4 May 2009 (UTC)

This is another warning about correctly categorizing your image uploads. See this diff for an example of how to categorize. With the number of images on the site, it is imperative that they be well organized, so help us out here and follow our image policies. Thanks, - najzereT 00:27, 11 May 2009 (UTC)
Are you not paying attention to these requests? Procyon 18:25, 13 May 2009 (UTC)
Also, try and make sure box art is at least 250px wide, as that is the resolution at which it is shown in the main page infobox. - najzereT 18:50, 13 May 2009 (UTC)
You still need to put categories on your images. See this diff for another example. Please read through this page before uploading any more images. Also, take the time to find a good version of the box art. Thanks, - najzereT 10:32, 16 May 2009 (UTC)
Thank you for categorizing your image. Please watch your capitalization in the category names, though. See this diff for an example (ie. Box artwork instead of Box Artwork, and Guidename images rather than Guidename Images). --~Vizeroth · (c)~-- 15:07, 2 August 2009 (UTC)

Please stop uploading images until you read and understand this policy. Filenames must have the game name or an abbreviation in the title. This means put "LF2" at the beginning of the image names you upload. Secondly, "Guide-specific images" is not a category that belongs on individual images. That's the category containing the "Little Fighter 2 images" category. "Little Fighter 2 images" is the guide-specific image category that goes on those images. The other category should be "Sprites". I renamed and recategorized all the images you uploaded yesterday, so use those as an example. — najzereT 15:15, 24 August 2009 (UTC)

Image naming and categorization is a simple policy, which you seem unable or unwilling to follow. So that we don't have to have this recurring discussion, you will begin to be blocked for short times for improperly uploading images. No one wants to see you kept from editing the wiki, but the alternative is to let you upload whatever you want, which takes other people's precious time to fix. So, unfortunately, we have no other recourse. You can avoid a block by correctly uploading images as has been outlined numerous times here, or simply avoid uploading at all. Thanks and good luck. — najzereT 20:15, 1 November 2009 (UTC)

Creating pages[edit]

When you are creating a new page (whether it's a new guide or subpage), you should use the four buttons above the edit box - this will fill page with the necessary information and templates required for the guide (for example, the navigation templates). There is also a guide that contains instructions on creating the standard presentation and layout as well. --Sigma 7 16:28, 10 May 2009 (UTC)

When you need to reference a specific version of a game in the name of the guide, we have certain conventions already in use on multiple guides. Nintendo DS titles are formatted as Game Name (DS) for instance. Just try looking around the site a little bit if you're not sure, or ask on someone's talk page. - najzereT 18:50, 13 May 2009 (UTC)
Another note to please use the preload buttons above the edit text box when creating a new page. Every guide page needs the {{Header Nav}} and {{Footer Nav}} templates. Using the "Guide page" button will automatically insert them for you. If you insist on not using the preloads, you can enter the templates manually or use the "Guide markup" insertion links below the edit text box. - najzereT 18:35, 15 May 2009 (UTC)
Hey, just another reminder to use the preload buttons above the edit text box when creating a new page. I've added the Header and Footer Navs to Crash of the Titans (DS)/Mutants, but you need to start remembering to set up new pages correctly. Thanks, - najzereT 16:49, 23 May 2009 (UTC)
Please start using the preload buttons above the edit text box when making new pages. I'm sure you're sick of getting a message on your talk page after every edit you make, so take the time to read through the guide and follow the instructions throughout the posts on this page. Also, when making links, be sure they are pointing where you want them to go, i.e. put the name of the game followed by forward slash before the page name when linking to a guide subpage. - najzereT 18:37, 28 May 2009 (UTC)

You've been giving five reminders about this in the span of one month. If you continue to ignore these requests, you will be temporarily banned from editing. If you do not wish to face a ban, please just follow these simple instructions that take less than one second to follow. Thank you. Procyon 21:14, 28 May 2009 (UTC)

Table of Contents[edit]

Hi, I have some concerns about the ToC for Wario: Master of Disguise. First, the link under Walkthrough doesn't seem like a normal level name. If the level doesn't have a name, then you should use something that someone playing the game will understand. The same rules of keeping out drivel also apply to the ToC. Secondly, please make sure when you put links on the ToC that the information will actually necessitate its own page. For instance, "Guises" seems like something that would fit on one page. Does each Guise have enough information to fill out a whole page on its own? I just want to make sure the ToC is easy to understand and similar to other guides on the site. You should browse around a little and see how level 4 guides layout their ToC, so you can get a feeling for it. Thanks, - najzereT 17:56, 11 May 2009 (UTC)

Ben 10: Protector of Earth[edit]

Just to let you know, the canonical name is Ben 10: Protector of Earth, without "the". This is shown on both the official website and game box cover, and also appears as such on other websites (such as Wikipedia). --Sigma 7 14:18, 17 May 2009 (UTC)

Crash of the Titans (DS)[edit]

Hi, try to avoid multiple-level bulleted lists on the ToC, as they falsely imply that the lower-level pages are subpages of the higher-level ones, and they usually indicate the information on those pages should really be sections of the higher-level pages. It is actually much easier to split a page that gets too big into smaller ones than to combine pages, because in the latter case, the pages' histories have to be merged. For example, consider putting the information from the three pages under Wumpa Island into the Wumpa Island page instead of making separate pages for all of them. Looking at the Dingodile page, it doesn't seem to have the breadth of information to support its own page. I hope you get a feel for this, because it's been brought up on the other guides you've worked on, and I'd like to see you be able to write your walkthroughs without the cleanup crew giving you grief each time. :) - najzereT 16:48, 22 May 2009 (UTC)

Fighting games[edit]

Hi, please take a look at the other fighting game guides to see how the Character pages are set up. (Here's a random one.) The bio goes at the top and then the moves from each game get transcluded under the appropriate sections. Please stop putting the bio under the game section on Little Fighter/Freeze. Also, don't speak from the first-person on guide pages (i.e. don't use "I" or "we"). Thanks, — najzereT 19:27, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

Page introductions[edit]

Hey, we don't put "Introduction" headings at the tops of pages. Just start the page with the introductory text. Thanks, — najzereT 16:31, 17 July 2009 (UTC)

Boss pages[edit]

Hi, we don't use boss strategy pages. That information goes in the walkthrough. I've marked the page for subpaging, so let me know if you move the info into the walkthrough so I can delete the page. Thanks, — najzereT 20:32, 19 August 2009 (UTC)

Final smashes[edit]

If you had looked through the guide, you would have noticed that each character's Final Smashes are detailed on that character's page. Procyon 18:56, 15 October 2009 (UTC)


As you were warned about earlier, continuing to improperly upload images will result in temporary bans. This is the first and lightest, just two hours, to let you know that our policies will be enforced. Future blocks will increase in length, but whether you receive any is entirely up to you. You can read all the advice from the earlier thread, you can read the image policy, or you could just look at all the images you've uploaded to see the changes that others have had to make. However you do it, please follow our image policy by putting the name of the game or its abbreviation at the beginning of the file name and include the proper categories in the summary when uploading. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or on my talk page. — najzereT 20:38, 24 January 2010 (UTC)

Apparently I still have to reiterate that [[Category:Guide-specific images]] does not go on individual images. Forget you ever learned about that category, okay? In the very few instances where the category is used, I'll do it for you. Just stick to the normal image category (e.g. Characters) and the guide image category (e.g. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story images). That part was good, and that's all you need. Thanks, — najzereT 17:27, 30 March 2010 (UTC)