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Similar to my work on other wikis, this is a more organized and condensed version of all the maintenance categories and to-do sections in one place. This project is open to anyone to work on and I encourage people to help out. While most is self explanatory, other notes may be listed under sections. Please remove links once you're done making the required changes.

Redirect and Pages Work[edit]

Orphaned Pages[edit]

Nothing links to these pages!

Shortest Pages[edit]

Naturally, these should have more content written for them! If it makes more sense to, pages should instead be merged into other spaces.

Wanted Work[edit]

These pages should be written, or have a red link removed by deletion or replacing its use with a proper link.

Wanted Categories[edit]

Wanted Templates[edit]

Wanted Files[edit]

Many of these are likely just typo names and should be fixed.

Wanted Pages[edit]

Unused Work[edit]

Use them or delete them!

Unused Categories[edit]